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Some Tips to Help You Buy Your Favorite RV

Buying and maintaining an automotive RV can be an expensive decision and it is always better to decide beforehand if you’re hard earned money is really worth investing over it. One way to get to know if you are investing in the right direction is to learn more about RV’s and life in them. You can easily do this by renting one for a few days or at least a week.

In fact depending upon your affordability, you can decide on the size of the automotive you aim to purchase. Expenses do not end with buying a RV. Maintaining your RV thoroughly clean will call for some costs. Stocking it with some amenities like toiletries, towels, dishes, sheets, silverware and the other tools that go with it will do cost you to some extent. Other important expenses that need to be met are the traveling expenditure, the insurance cost and of course the parking fees.

A RV can be an independent motorized unit or a trailer that you can put behind your SUV or the minivan that you own. A trailer will cost you much less and it is you who will decide which one you want to go for.

Next thing to chalk out is the size of the motor home you wish to buy. Checking in a large automotive showroom will help you evaluate many things like your traveling needs, your lifestyle and a suitable RV size that matches you.

So it is best to get inside one and check everything like the cooking area, shower area, space for stacking the dishes, the clothes, your LCD T.V area, place to sit, sleep and walk a bit and so on. Some excellent websites on the internet will throw light on many such aspects and help you decide about your future RV that you wish to own.

If you intend to travel on a regular road then any RV will work well. If you plan an adventure holiday, then you need to buy one that is equipped for such travel across tricky terrains without the fear of getting stuck or end up with a break down. Depending upon the size and weight of the RV, the gas costs work accordingly.

A 2-berth RV will fetch you approximately 35 mpg, while the bigger ones will yield lesser mileage. Going for the LPG-conversion automotive will make sense with regard to the gas costs. You can buy a brand new one that carries warranty plus total comfort for you or with a little risk you can buy a used one. The choice is of course yours.

It is wise to get inside one and walk around a bit and also conduct a test drive. There are many forums on the internet that are good places to gain knowledge before buying your own RV. You can get to know the different discounts you can avail while buying, the warranty you will get, the different companies selling such automotive and so on. Backed with these basic ideas, you can find your prized catch and proceed to buy it. You can plan your dream trips and outings and experience RVing at your own pace and comfort. No wonder you will discover that in time, it will become your favorite mode of transport.

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Wintertime Car Storage Automobile Preparation

The cold weather winter will soon be about us. Father winter can do good damage to your vehicle – be it a car, truck, S.U.V. or other automotive product. If you are storing your vehicle for the winter – whether you be a winter “Snowbird” spending the winter in southern climes or just a car guy or gal with a vintage or classic vehicle to store over the winter there are basic procedures to follow as well as situations and damage to avoid and prevent to your automobile.

First and foremost wash your car thoroughly. In addition if you have chrome well take off any dirt and grime. Use a metal brush carefully if necessary. Moisture can be retained in the dirt and grime causing rust and corrosion over the winter time period.
A nice application of auto wax is also nice as well. In addition ensure that the interior is fully cleaned and vacuumed – lets pests locate any residues and left overs inadvertently left and are attracted to the vehicle to do their damage. Not only are you giving your car a once over. In the springtime you will have a car that is clean and enticing and looks good. It is often said that a clean car runs and rides better.

Next check all fluid levels. Fill up the gas tank full. Fuel and water do not mix. A ¼ full tank of gas can be a center for corrosion development. These rust particles can move along and cause you woes in your fuel system – be in a vintage carburetor or a newer more modern vehicle with fuel injection. Ensure that your radiator antifreeze is set for a worst case, coldest day on record, temperature. In addition check your windshield washer antifreeze. Ensure that the windshield washer antifreeze is filled with winter ready solution. At the worst drain this reservoir empty.

Next you may want to do an oil change for the winter storage. On first note this may seem a waste. After all the car will be just sitting there over the winter not being used in any way. Still motor oil used in the fall and summer may contain its share of moisture and condensation, dust and dirt particles which are abrasive and residues of fuel. The resulting compounds in the oil may make your engine oil acidic and will cling not only to the oil pan but any of the vital engine components that it has lubricated and resides on. It might be a safe bet of insurance not only to fill the gas tank and check antifreeze levels but also to change your engine oil.

In terms of choice of storage, any can be good as long as there is good security over the winter and your pocket book is not hurt too much. Storage can be actual indoors heated storage, it can be unheated. It can be outdoors – which if properly done can be just fine. First if possible enclose the vehicle in a covering – a cocoon so to speak.

Especially if your car is outside do not cover your vehicle with a plastic or canvas tarp. Winter storms with strong winds can cause tarp and tie down ropes to be moved around, with some force. Repeatedly over the length of the winter time storage period, the result can be scratches on the paint surface of the vehicle and even cases where paint is wore right through. In addition a tarp may trap condensation encouraging rust, corrosion and even fungus. Spring for a proper custom made cocoon fabric covering if at all possible.

If there is one point and consideration to follow in storing your vehicle over the winter, to look for, is to store your vehicle with adequate ventilation. Without adequate ventilation and air flow exchange, a stored vehicle, in its cocoon, is most susceptible to damage from condensation. Without proper and adequate airflow condensation can do great damage to your paint, painted surfaces, chrome and exposed or even hidden metal parts and components. Ditto humidity concerns for your vehicles interior and upholstery.

Lastly if your car is stored outdoors, in the winter, a highly recommended form of protection can be afforded easily by a portable, free-standing portable garage. These are relatively inexpensive and easily set up. Storage in a safe, outdoor compound is generally much less expensive than indoors. Such a setup of a portable garage allows for the best of many worlds – protection from snow, no physical contact, very good ventilation and lastly less cost to the auto owner.

By taking the time to perform a few simple maintenance procedures and providing for proper and safe storage you will be providing for longer vehicle longevity with a car of fantastic appearance. In addition you will save yourself a lot of automobile headache and heartache come next spring. All in all taking the time to prepare your vehicle for winter storage is the best value of all when it comes to car care and maintenance.

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Well, VW Combi Clear Successor Produced

Your Company Volkswagen fans would have been disappointed. Because German car manufacturers have decided to cancel the planned production of the VW Kombi successor who previously appeared in a concept called Bulli Microbus.

Originally broadcasted news that six-seater MPV that has been judged worthy by VW to be produced in different countries.

But now, VW’s head of R & D Ulrich Hackenberg denied the possibility. Hackenberg who is also the person who shows VW Bulli at the Geneva Auto Show last year said that the debut Bulli canceled.

Because, Hackenberg assume that it is the business did not see the great potential of Bulli when this car was born.

European and American markets are the backbone of this type of car is not considered too showed a lot of interest.

In fact, the concept version, this car has been able to attract a lot of attention. Unlike its predecessor, the legendary van, using the electric motor as a power booster.

Microbus (the term Kombi in the U.S.) or VW Bulli (the name in Germany) will be powered by a lithium-ion battery capacity of 40 kWh and an electric motor that has a power of 85 kW and torque of 199 lb-ft.

Vehicle concept from Germany, also has six seats and have technology that is different from vehicle-vehicle today.

Entertainment system is controlled by an iPad. Color of the car consists of 2 colors namely red and white and there is a V logo on the bonnet.

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Germany Ready to Give Subsidies for Electric Cars

Germany prepared to subsidize the electric car out there. Subsidies that are designed to stimulate in order to achieve the target of 1 million electric cars on the streets of Germany in 2020.

However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the subsidy can only be done after the elections conducted in 2013.

However, the plan has been finalized after the German government established a special team to make plans related to the development of electric cars in the German population. A special team was made up of experts in the fields of industry, science, trade and politics.

The German government also promised to contribute 1 billion euros to stimulate research and technology related to electric car batteries. Steps are ready they do include vehicle tax exemption for 10 years for car owners who give their electric cars before December 31, 2015.

Previously, France also has issued subsidies for electric and hybrid cars by giving cash incentives to buyers.

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche before meeting with talk on ZDF television Markel told Auto News that Daimler is actually not expecting electric car sold more than 600,000 units in Germany in 2020 without subsidies ‘French style.’

During the first 8 months of this year, there were 2272 registered electric cars in Germany. That number is too small when compared to overall passenger cars sold there. The percentage is only 0.1 percent of the 2.1 million passenger cars were sold.

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Essential test drive tips

Taking a test drive is one of the most important steps of the car buying process – it’s your way of making sure that vehicle you have researched and reviewed meets your expectations.

A test drive also offers a first opportunity to check that you’ll enjoy driving the car once you have bought it.

Taking a test drive is even more important if you’re planning on buying a used, or nearly new car. It’s your only chance to make sure the vehicle is in good condition and free of faults – if you don’t feel confident doing this, we recommend you book a qualified engineer to check the car on your behalf.

Don’t be afraid to ask to take a car out more than once. Dealers will be keen to close the deal, but If you’re close to making a decision, going back for an extended drive is the best way to confirm that those good first impressions are here to last.

Before you even think of taking to the driver’s seat, make sure you are insured to carry out the test drive.
Dealers will have cover specifically for this purpose, but if you test drive a used or nearly-new car being sold by a private vendor, you’ll need to use your own.
If you are unsure, talk to your insurer. They will be able to offer you comprehensive cover over a short period of time so that you can test drive the cars you are thinking of buying.


Make sure you can adjust the seat and the steering wheel so you’ve got a comfortable driving position.
If a car has removable seats, ensure that they fit securely and that none of the connectors are damaged.
If you plan to use child seats, take them with you and make sure that they fit.


If you plan to buy a nearly new car, make sure that the engine’s cold before you start it – by placing your hand on the bonnet.
If the car feels warm, find out why, and bear in mind that the seller could be trying to hide a problem.
When the car starts, look in the rear view mirror to check for signs of smoke.
On the road, the car should accelerate smoothly.


Make sure there are no unusual clunks or bangs from the suspension.
Check that the car doesn’t bounce or roll unevenly through corners.
Broken springs, a fault you may find on a used car, will reduce road grip and braking performance.


With the car stationary, turn the steering wheel from lock-to-lock to check that its action feels smooth and is free from resistance.
Check the turning circle in a car park to make sure it meets your needs.
Check that that the wheels do not rub on the bodywork while you drive forward on full lock.


The brakes should respond immediately, and not need pumping or pressing very hard to make work.
There should be no loud noises from the brakes, however hard you use them.


Gears should be easy to engage, and the action should feel consistent.
Automatic gearboxes should swap gears smoothly and quickly.
If the clutch doesn’t engage until the pedal has reached the top of its travel, it may need to be changed.


Take your family with you if plan to travel with them regularly.
They will help you spot problems with practicality and versatility.

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Should Mobile Car Washes And On-Site Auto Detailing Companies Give Senior Citizen Discounts?

The other day, I was talking to a mobile detailing entrepreneur in the state of Florida. He been doing business an awful long time, but he also noted that unemployment in the state just hit 8.8%. It wasn’t like this in the past where he could go to any office building, and all the workers were flush with cash and paid him for an executive $20 wash, and a $125.00 detail every other month. Today, he is busy trying to find any customer he can, and he asked me a very interesting question.

He told me that many of the customers in the retirement resort gated communities were asking him for a senior citizen discount. I told him that would be rather tough because almost everyone in those facilities, living between the fairways and the golf courses was a senior citizen. You might as well just lower the price and give it to everyone, or raise the price and let everyone get the discount, either way the concept of a senior citizen discount in Florida is rather silly.

Further, retired folks like to talk a lot, and they have nothing better to do but sit there and watch you detail the car, this could actually slow you down, and then they want to tell you all about their grandchildren, like you have time, you need to get to the next car to make some more money so you can afford to put gas in your mobile detailing rig because even that is up to four dollars a gallon now. Of course, the seniors do like to get a discount or least feel they are getting a discount, so maybe it is time that you rearranged the prices on your menu flyer, perhaps raising them 10 or 15%, and then giving the senior citizens a 20% discount.

Another issue that you may not have considered is that the baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, and they’re all hitting age 55 or 60. It might even be possible now to tell people that if they are only 65; “hell you are still young, you could probably wash and detail your own car, so I can’t give you the discount, I only give the senior citizen discounts to people 90 years old or older.” They might get a laugh about that, but maybe you can set your senior discount age at 70 or 75. If you are in the state of Florida like my acquaintance, you’ll still have plenty of customers take you up on the offer.

Well that’s all for now, if you have other questions or concerns you may shoot an e-mail. Until then I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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I Want to Open a Detail Shop

Are you a car lover? If you are a car lover and are considering a business of your own, perhaps you might consider starting an automobile detailing shop. Generally there are two types of customers who will want to use your service. There is the retail detail customer and the wholesale auto detail customer.

Both of these two types of customers can be lucrative if you’re careful which services you offer and how you go about marketing your company. The retail detail customer would be the private car owner who loves their car sometimes more than their own children. Much of their love of the American automobile is tradition and some is ego driven. Neither of which should matter to you as you were should be more concerned about making money.

If your auto detail shop has a great reputation around town and plenty of referrals you may find yourself able to charge upwards of $180 to detail and SUV or $135 for a regular car. The wholesale auto detail customer would be a car lot, which has used cars that are traded in and need to be brought up to show room condition. Some auto dealers will go to the auctions in order to put used cars on their lots. Many used car lots will also go to the auto auctions and they will want those cars detailed so they can put pristine automobiles in their showroom and on their lot.

Additionally new car dealerships often have customization requests from customers such as pin-striping, special sealant protectors and custom graphics. All of these aftermarket auto accessory type services can provide your shop with more profits. An auto detailing shop is a very labor-intensive business and you’ll have to watch management issues, but it can be lucrative business if you are careful with the market mix, the services you offer and the quality of the services you perform. Consider all this in 2006 and good luck.

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Suzuki Carry family car at an affordable price

Suzuki Carry is available in 2 variants: DX and GX, a car mini bus that is flexible enough for the size of a family car with a price suitable bag.

Although the exterior looks pretty dynamic Suzuki Carry as seen from the design of its body to the size of a mini bus and headlight design a simple but follow the times.

Then in terms of the interior in the cabin can accommodate up to 9 passengers as well as luggage as well in addition to a considerable amount, even if you are still a lack of places you can fold the rear seats for extra space.

Suzuki Carry also carry a 1,500 cc 4-cylinder 16V G15A matching combined with a 5-speed transmission, and thanks to the machine, the Suzuki Carry was able to generate power of 78.8 PS at 5,500 rpm and torque of 122Nm at 3,000 rpm.

For the security of driving a car equipped with a Suzuki carry ventilated disc brakes at the front and brake his drum parts at the rear, ABS, electric lock and brake lights mounted on the stern mounted high enough that makes the Suzuki comfortable carry accompany long journey your family.

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Mazda Biante 629 Units Sold

success exceeded sales targets at IIMS 2012. MMI successfully sold 2156 units, well above the previously announced target, which is 1,300 units. All-New Mazda Biante launched at the opening of the IIMS, plays an important role in the achievement of sales targets MMI after successfully recorded sales of 629 units.

While the new Mazda2, which has become the backbone of the MMI sales since its launch in 2009, returned to the show as the best-selling Mazda cars with sales of 1017 units. Meanwhile, the All-New CX-5, completes the top three with sales of 313 units. The results of this year’s sales represented an increase of 71% when compared to the achievement of sales at IIMS 2011 as many as 1259 units.

Commenting on the achievement of Mazda sales in IIMS 2012, President Director of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia, Keizo Okue, said, “We are very pleased that Mazda has ended with the IIMS 2012 this glorious achievement. We saw IIMs as appropriate container to communicate Zoom-Zoom brand to the masses. We are also very satisfied with the sales results that we achieved, as this is a sign of the acceptance of our brand in the community, “he said.

All-New Mazda Biante, a new model was introduced this year after previous MMI brings Mazda RX-8 Spirit R, New Mazda2, all-new Mazda CX-5 and All-New Mazda BT-50 Pro. Mazda Biante, which is the medium MPV with a high roof that is able to accommodate 8 passengers, capable of directly proving its appeal at IIMS 2012.

This is evident from the high demand for Mazda Biante test drive as many as 567 during the IIMS 2012. In addition, visitor attraction on the Mazda Biante more visible after the car was chosen as the third winner in the category “Most Favorite Car” award at IIMS 2012.

“The year 2012 is still proven to be a fantastic year for us. Starting from the success we launched a number of new models to exceptional sales results at IIMS 2012. Obviously this will further motivate us to continue to improve our customer satisfaction,

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Waiting Honda Brio With 7 Seats

Actual news of the Honda Brio, a small car from the Japanese manufacturer is rumored to be coming soon in version Multi Purpose Vehicle. According to Director of Marketing and After Sales Service Honda Prospect Motor, Jonfis Fandy, info of the presence of the Honda Brio MPV version is still sketchy, but it implies that its presence is not an impossible thing.

According to him, in 2013 it will present two new cars from the manufacturer Honda are still included in the category Citycar and MPV. And both are likely to be present as well be a world premiere at the upcoming event IIMS. The possibility of the presence of Honda Brio in the MPV version is supported also by the reality that in this attack cars family cars (low MPV) will be very intense. As is known in addition to MPV cars that have existed such as Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia and Suzuki Ertiga, will emerge a new family car from other companies such as Chevrolet and Mazda Spin VX-1.

As we know that Brio city car is a car that will share the basic as well as his brother the Honda Jazz. Starting from a car possible hacthback version, Brio is also now comes in a sedan version. So it is not impossible that this one small vehicle would be re-packaged in the form of another and the family car is a very possible.

When the car is going to be versatile brio launched officially and how the price of Honda Brio in this versatile type of car will be sold? They say the car will be on display to the public at the biggest automotive exhibition in Indonesia IIMs to be held in September 2013.