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Bugatti Sedan Ready to Make More Powerful than 1,000 Hp

Bugatti car manufacturer made ​​sure to introduce a four-door sedan called the Galibier. Bugatti also confirmed that the sedan will still carry great power as well as other Bugatti cars. Strength was claimed to exceed the 1,000 hp.

The new car project by Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer said that energy is the new Bugatti Galibier. The engine is likely to be supported kitchen runway 16 cylinders which is expected to be producing power up to 1400 hp.

“This will be the best luxury sedan in the world (and) four-door beautiful in the world,” he said.

This car was first shown at the Bugatti headquarters in France in September 2009 through 16 C Galibier way. With a design that is executed by the design house Italdesign-Giugiaro.

Bugatti sedan then said that it would not be carrying the hybrid system as developed other brands. “Right now the priority is strength, go hybrid,” he continued.

In the version of the concept, Galibier carries the W16 engine with a capacity of 8.0 liters. It is not yet known what the machine will be given on the new sedan.