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Used Porsche – How to Get the Most Out of Yours

There are some cars which have been manufactured with a particular destiny in mind for them. This could be to be driven every single day and accrue hundreds of thousands of miles before finally giving up on life and grinding to a halt on the hard shoulder of the motorway. Adversely there are some cars that will be lovingly looked after, spending the majority of their days covered by a dustsheet in somebody’s garage. When you buy yourself a Porsche 911, you can be sure that it is going to be in the latter camp rather than the former.

I personally think it is something of a tragedy that the vast majority of high-performance vehicles (vehicles which have been built and tuned to an undeniably high specification) spend 95% of their lives gathering dust. You can understand why this is the case when you take a look at the costs of running a car like a Porsche 911.

Firstly there is the initial outlay of buying one of these sports cars, add to this the top bracket insurance, tax costs and all of a sudden the bills start to mount up considerably. There are a few ways that you can reduce the cost of owning a sports car like a Porsche though.

Primarily, I would recommend checking out the Used Porsche market as this is where the most affordable bargains are going to be. As I have explained, cars like Porsches don’t get taken out a great deal so you can be sure that it will have been looked after.

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Are Cars Just a Male Thing?

The automotive industry has long been considered a male dominated environment but is this still the case in the 21st century? Or are women now playing a more prominent role in an industry that has historically not been known for female participation?

The world of car related T.V. shows is driven by BBC’s Top Gear and the current all-male presenter line up has proved to be a winning combination for years. But, back in 1997, there was a female presenter on Top Gear named Vicky Butler-Henderson, who has since gone on to present Fifth Gear on the UK’s Channel 5 broadcast. Unfortunately for her, Quentin Wilson and Tiff Needell, the original Top Gear was cancelled in 2001 which saw the trio launch Fifth Gear the following year.

Motor sport has also traditionally been an area dominated by males. In the history of Formula 1 for example there have only ever been five female drivers who have had any involvement, with only one of those scoring points in a competitive race, which was Lella Lombardi back in the mid 1970′s.

Rallying and motorbike racing are also very male orientated and while there are females in both of these sports, they are vastly outnumbered by men. But, it’s not just taking part in motor sport that’s male dominated, the spectators at F1 and Superbike races are also largely made up of men.

Another common example of the male dominance in a car environment are those instances where you take your car to a garage to be repaired, with the likelihood being your car getting examined by a male mechanic. This is another industry that is almost exclusively male, although there are self-employed female mechanics across the UK who market themselves solely towards the female population.

There is one particular area of the motor industry that has seen an increase in the number of females, however, and that’s driving instructors. If you search online or look through any local directory, the chances are you will find an exclusively female driving school in your area.

If you speak to people who learned to drive around 20 years ago, they will probably nearly all tell you their instructor was male. This has definitely changed in recent times and has come about partly because there is now a demand for female instructors, with many women feeling safer and more comfortable being taught by a female rather than a male. However, the driving instructor industry itself has opened up and moved away from just being ex-forces and policemen, and people from all walks of life have made the transition to teaching others to drive.

There’s no doubt whether you’re male or female that it’s a great feeling to pass your driving test and get out on the open road; but not before you’ve ripped up those ‘L’ plates and rung around for the right car insurance quote. Once you’re out and about in your new car, a whole new debate opens up about whether males or females are the better drivers, but that’s best left for another time!

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Automotive Insurance Rates Affected by Your Town?

The area in which you live does impact the cost of you automotive insurance. It may seem a bit unfair, but it’s true. Locations that have higher crime rates tend to also have higher automotive insurance rates.

Of course, there probably aren’t too many people out there who are willing to shop for a new home in a completely new area, put their houses up for sale, and leave town just to save money on automotive insurance, and that’s completely understandable. That’s why we’re going to offer some tips on how you can possibly lower the cost of your automotive insurance and keep your home.

First, take a look at your vehicle. Was it expensive? Is it flashy? Is it a vehicle that many people would love to drive but can’t afford? If so, your vehicle is at risk for being stolen or burglarized. Vehicles that aren’t at risk for being stolen or burglarized tend to get lower automotive insurance rates. Consider trading your flashy car in for a more subtle ride.

Then, and this is especially important for those of you who aren’t willing to trade your cars in, take a look at your safety components. Do you have any kind of anti-theft system for your vehicle? Having one of these will not only protect your car from being stolen, but it will also protect your valuables inside, i.e., some crook won’t come along and break the window to get your CD collection. This means your automotive insurance rates could be lower since your insurance company won’t have to worry too much about replacing windows.

Finally, take a look at where you park your vehicle. On the side of the street? In a back alley? Consider parking your vehicle in a safe, well-lit, and guarded parking garage. Your insurance company will appreciate your effort to protect your car, and they might just reward you with lower automotive insurance rates.

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Fluid Leaks Under Your Vehicle – Should You Be Concerned?

Nothing concerns and even scares a driver more than fluid leaks under your vehicle. How can you simply identify these leaks of automobile fluids and figure out if they mean anything? Are they a danger to the mechanical well being of your vehicle and / or your pocketbook?

First of all is the residue new and fresh in appearance or does it appear to be just old soiled motor oil from a previous vehicle’s leaking oil pan. It’s pretty to tell by appearances in most case. Is it a fresh full puddle of oil or only a few drops?

If it is oil that appears to have leaked out – what is the volume – a lot or a little? It’s fairly easy to check the oil and transmission oil levels in your car. Best not to start the vehicle. If the fluid is very low you could cause substantial damage to your motor or in the case of the red hydraulic fluids to your transmission. Certainly do not start up your car and drive to the nearest service station, ignoring dash warning lights and hoping that “it will all go away”. Do not start the vehicle. It’s very simple to check the motor oil and transmission levels via the dipstick under the bonnet hood. If you do not know how to accomplish this procedure then it’s worth the wait either for a more experienced motorist to come along or to call triple A or your automotive dealer’s “roadside assistance” from yours or a handy cell phone.

Radiator and coolant system leaks and issues are an entirely different matter. If your motor overheats due to not enough cooling fluid substantial damage can occur.

Most people pull their cars over. It’s all fairly obvious both from dash temperature gauges, “idiot lights” on car and truck dash’s loudly announcing that the vehicle radiator fluid is critically hot, and even from a billowing cloud of steam emanating from under the car hood. Pull over, let the cars. Truck’s or SUV’s engine cool down. Then add additional antifreeze fluid or simple water if need be. Two words of extreme caution here.

First of all never take the cap off the engine radiator top when the rad is hot. Let it cool down even if it takes a fair amount of waiting time. Opening a hot rad is similar to opening a pressure cooker. Nothing happens, and then in whoosh out flies scalding hot water. This hot water which flashes from the rad as pressure is released by taking off the radiator cap reduces pressure in a flash. The hot scalding anti-freeze solution can cause severe burns to the unwary motorist however in its wake nearby the radiator.

Secondly after adding fluid in the summertime, ensure that come fall time you have your radiator antifreeze fluid checked for potency of glycol coolant. With the dilution of the glycol coolant with water your coolant may not provide full protection from freezing come the arrival of cold frigid winter weather from Canada. As a result of the freezing substandard anti-freeze solution, the radiator fluid may well freeze solid, cracking your engine block and causing major mechanical damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Lastly be most careful to mop up any of the residue and puddles of the ethylene glycol anti-freeze solution on the pavement or car driveway. Auto antifreeze is downright both tasty and deadly to family pets as well as wild animals who stroll across pavements and roads.

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Moving Car Companies – Things to Know Before Your Car Shipping

Most of the people are suffering issues while transporting their dream car from one place to another place. Auto shipping is a process that shipping car from dealer and shipping car from one place to another. Most of the auto transport companies are having branches throughout the world, and they are easily shipping the cars from one place to another place. In these technology days, every business is experiencing so much competition and increasing the demand and heavy traffic, there are so many companies are offering reliable and affordable services to their customers. These auto transport companies are providing some checklists to the car owners who want to ship their car from one place to another place. After receiving the checklist, you need to know estimation cost of the shipping, and also you need to follow some guide lines designed by the auto transport company. After preparing your car for shipping the representatives from the company are coming to your home and pick up the vehicle or when you decide to leave your car at the service’s terminal. Here are some essential guidelines that will help you to minimize the potential problems that may arise at the point of time.

First of all, please make sure that your car is safe and functioning. When the representatives are coming to your home and pick up your car, at that time you need to check your car that the brakes and steering are working at fine, and also you need to check the same after receiving the car at another place. Please make sure that leaking fluids and fluid level are in low enough to hold expansion. While in transport, your car might have placed on some other cars. So please make sure that your vehicle must not have these fluids, and also you need fill half of the tank because full tank gasoline adds more weight in transport. And also you need to insist the car company that the inspection must be done in the presence of you before shipping. In most of the times so many shipping companies are providing some useful information about your car details on the state of the vehicle. You need to check these details before and after shipping the car. However, most of the people are not having much knowledge about these services, for this instance, you need to obtain some essential help from the representatives during the inspection. And also you need to understand the inspection details and insurance services offering by the auto shipping company, if in case of an accident to your car or damage to your car. To know more information about this, you need to check the testimonial of the previous customers.

And also please make sure that you have disabled anti-theft devices and alarms in the car. Sometimes, it causes problems and unwanted expenses during the transport of the vehicle. And also please make sure that remove all personal belongings like spare tire and jack and CD/DVD players and many more sound effect systems and grills, covers, mirrors and many more to be removed. Finally, there are some well established and experienced auto transport companies are providing these services to their customers. For more information and details, please visit their valuable web site.

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Don’t Make Yourself a Target For Car Thieves

Car theft has been a problem in the United States since cars were invented. A car or other vehicle is stolen in the United States every 28.8 seconds according to 2008 data from the FBI. The chances of your car being stolen in the U.S. are 1 in 210 according to data from federal agencies and the Insurance Information Institute. The odds vary geographically. The Northeast has the lowest incidence of vehicle thefts, about 9.8 percent, and the Midwest 18.2 percent. The South and West have the highest percentage of vehicle thefts, about 36 percent each. Your chances of having your car stolen are highest in urban areas.

Although vehicle theft has been decreasing every year since 2006, only 59% of stolen vehicles were recovered last year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Car theft is a major problem that can leave you without transportation while you deal with a time-consuming insurance claim. Here are some ways to reduce your chances of becoming a car thief’s next victim.

* Lock your vehicle and don’t leave it running. Your car’s door locks are the cheapest, easiest deterrent against car thieves. Don’t leave sunroofs or windows open, even on the hottest days. Leaving your car running while you’re not around is an open invitation for theft. Law enforcement officials stress that many cars are stolen on a whim for joyriding purposes because the owner made it easy for the thief.

* Be careful where you park. When you park at home, a locked garage is best, but the driveway is still safer than the street. Choose well-traveled, well-lit areas when parking away from home, for your own safety as well as to avoid vehicle theft.

* Don’t make thieves’ job easier. Crime experts warn against leaving a spare key hidden in or on the vehicle, because car thieves know all the good hiding spots for a spare key. Keep your vehicle papers with you and make a set for each driver in the family, instead of leaving them in the glove box. Keep the inside of your car clean and empty. Take your cell phone, music player, and other electronic devices with you when you leave the car, and never leave a purse, briefcase, or closed bag in plain sight while you’re gone.

* Consider buying a car alarm or other vehicle protection device to save yourself the time and expense of dealing with the theft of your vehicle.

Car security comes in many types and price ranges. At the most basic level, a simple steering wheel lock or brake pedal lock is an inexpensive way to secure your vehicle and is visible to thieves who might be sizing your vehicle up.

A car alarm is a highly effective way to chase thieves away from your car and alert law enforcement in the area. An alarm system is simply a sensing device attached to noisemakers like sirens and horns. Sophisticated alarm systems go beyond the basic door trigger switch found in low-end systems and use motion detectors, sound sensors that pick up the pitch of glass breaking, air pressure detectors that know when a car door is open, and even sensors that know when your vehicle is being driven up a ramp onto a thief’s flatbed trailer.

Some vehicle security systems work by locking out the ignition, fuel, or electrical systems until you touch a hidden switch or insert an electronically coded ignition key. Although a car thief may still steal components or tow your vehicle away, these systems deter the most common scenario of breaking in and hot wiring.

New tracking technologies have become standard equipment on high-end vehicles. Global positioning systems (GPS) can help law enforcement find your vehicle after a theft. Police can also track a vehicle using a tracking systems with a hidden transmitter to allow police to track the vehicle. An example of this type of system is the LoJack, which operates over half of the states in the U.S. Law enforcement likes these systems because they frequently lead to chop shops and other illegal theft operations and the arrest of criminals.

Certain vehicles are frequent targets for car thieves, especially high-end sport utility vehicles. The Cadillac Escalade and the Hummer were featured last year in an ABC News article on the most stolen cars in the U.S. Models among the least likely to be stolen are the Mercedes E Class, Buick Rainier and Subaru Forester.

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Save on insurance

Insuring your car is a major expense, but with our shrewd and simple advice you can save money by securing yourself cheaper annual premiums.

Make sure that the quality of the cover you are getting matches your needs. Different insurers have different terms and conditions, so it is vital to check the small print of any deal.

Top 10 car insurance tips
1  Shop around. Be prepared to spend time researching the best deals.
2  Call insurers directly once you’ve made up your mind on a particular product. It gives you an extra chance to ask questions (below), and do some final haggling!
3  Ask lots of questions. Will courtesy cars be made available? Are there hidden excess charges? Does this insurance cover me fully?
4  Get qualified. If you are a younger driver, taking approved advanced driving courses like ‘Pass Plus’ can be a great way to secure a discount.
5 Some insurers will also offer packages that will discount insurance rates if the driver agrees to certain conditions, like not driving at night.
6  Discuss your driving experience with your insurer. You may qualify as a low risk.
7  Check a car’s insurance credentials before you buy. Similar models can attract very different costs when it comes to insurance.
8 If your family owns more than one car, tell the insurance firm. Some companies will offer discounts for insuring more than one car with them.
9 Pay upfront. Some Insurers will add in extra administration costs for splitting the cost of your bill.
10  If you choose to spread payments over the year you could end up paying more than you need to.

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Choosing the Best Car Moving Company

Changing addresses is not that easy. You would have to move your things from your current location to the next, and you would have to be very careful when you this.

Problem exists when you would transfer to a new location that is thousands of miles away from your current one. There would be numerous moving companies you could hire for the purpose, but they can only cover home appliances and furniture.

Your car would be a problem, for sure. Since it is large, it would not fit into any of the trucks of the house moving company. To do the job, you would have to contact a car moving firm.

Because car moving is not a usual transaction, there are just a handful of car moving companies around. Because the number is not that large, you would surely have a few difficulties hiring a good car moving company.

However, as always, it would be easy, if you know how. The best car moving company is easy to spot, and you can determine that even before you finally get your car moved.


The best car moving company does not promise to do rush jobs. Car moving is a very tedious and delicate transaction. That is why much preparation should be done before the activity is finally executed.

You can easily spot the best car moving company by the time it asks customers to schedule car moving. Usually, bad performing car movers are desperate to lure customers and would promise to move the car overnight or within just a few days. Very rush.

In contrast, reliable car moving companies would ask you to schedule the car moving date far ahead, like a few weeks before the intended move. On the average, experts say it would take at least four weeks for a good car moving company to set for proper arrangements for the transaction.

Arrangements for pick up and delivery and for the mode of transaction could not be appropriately get done within 24 hours, in the car moving industry. If a company promises to do so, then, something must get wrong.

It can be a rat trap if you are convinced to get the services of such rush car moving companies.

Safety measures

Of course, the car moving activity would subject your car to potential wear and tear and handling damages. It is in that regard, that you should demand safety measures. The best car moving company would not wait for you to do so; it would give you the safety provisions long before you even ask for it.

The best car moving company has an expert inspector who would inspect your car thoroughly before it gets into the car moving truck. He would check if the car is in good condition and would take note of any damage, be it minor or significant, in the engine, in car parts, accessories and surfaces.

The car mover would also ask you to inspect your car and compare your own inspection to the report generated by the car mover’s inspector.


The best car moving company also has a comprehensive insurance that covers even each of the cars it moves. Of course, your car must be insured itself, but if any damage occurs to your car during car shipping, it is right that the car moving company pays for it.

Insurance would be a guarantee that the car mover would easily pay for any damage shipment and handling do to the car.


Your car would be picked up based on your instructions. If you want car movers to pick it up at your garage, consider the width of your neighborhood’s roads. If the car mover’s truck would not fit in to use your neighborhood roads, you would be asked to drive the car to a designated parking lot, probably in a grocery or other spacious sites, where the car would be transferred into the truck.

For delivery, you can opt to have it delivered door-to-door or you could pick it up at designated terminal. If you choose the latter, the best car moving company would have a safety terminal or a storage site for cars, where your car would be safely parked while waiting for you to pick it up.

For your part, pick up your car from the car mover during daytime so you could easily inspect it and spot scratches that may have been acquired during the shipping and handling.

The best car moving company would not be effective if you would not be cooperative enough. Be sure to be the best client there could be, so the best car moving company could give you the best possible services. That way, your car and you are kept in best condition.

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Become an Automotive Collision Estimator in 13 Weeks

Every year, cars get safer and safer. But while the overall accident rate in Canada may decrease, the sad truth is that there will always be accidents… and so there will always be a need for auto body collision estimators. In this field, students learn how to use manual and computer systems to develop accurate estimates for automotive repair shops, garages, insurance companies, and other automotive-related establishments.

If you have an interest in the automotive industry, and want to learn more about cars and earn a respectable salary, an Auto Body Collision Estimator program may be right for you. These programs teach students all the basics of collision damage repair and repair estimating. Graduates enter the workforce quickly and can expect to earn $40,000 a year plus benefits on average – or more depending on the type of employment they find.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the program is its compressed timeframe: students can expect to complete most Auto Body Collision Estimator programs in 13 weeks, which means a swift return to the workforce. Throughout the duration of their studies, students learn the key elements of labour, repair, and painting times for auto repair. They also learn how to identify auto body structures and damage. Students are also exposed to the industry-standard software that will help them create computer-generated estimation reports.

Courses are typically given by experienced auto body collision estimators who are always ready to share their know-how with students. Typical courses for the program would cover the following topics:

· Automotive industry basics

· Procedures related to material damage

· Vehicle construction

· Analyzing damage

· Principles of estimation

· Mitchell flat rate estimating

· Basic paint estimating

· Body shop operations basics

· Preparing estimates

· Automated estimating basics

· Introduction to Audatex estimating

An interesting study option for many students of Auto Body Collision Estimator programs is “distance” or online learning. With that option, students can study from the comfort of their homes, while still covering the same material as the standard program. Learning, testing, and instructional support are all done online, ensuring that graduates have all they need to be employable immediately upon graduation. This option is of particular interest to students who live outside of large cities, where schools may not exist, but where jobs for auto body estimators will often exist.

If you love cars and are interested in starting a career in the automotive industry, you may want to consider enrolling in an Auto Body Collision Estimator program. You’ll get the technical and practical knowledge you need to enjoy a rewarding job, and you’ll go from classroom to paid employment in a relatively short period of time.

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Where to Buy Automotive Insurance

These days, knowing how to look for the most affordable car insurance rates and policies is a must! Getting it correctly could save you thousands of cash each year. Here are some essential tips that will not only tell you where to get the most affordable policies, but will also clue you in on how to acquire your rates as low as possible:

The Web: The Shopper’s New Haven

You can acquire almost anything on the web, and insurance is definitely one of them! With tons of providers and websites vying for a better slice of the market, you are sure to get some of the most competitive rates and prices in your side of the planet. Use one of the abundant portals to acquire a free quote check, and get to compare your options effectively, right within the comforts of your own home while saving you a lot of time in the process.

Discount Hunting is The New Black!

Discounts are the great way to acquire your insurance costs minimized. Know what type of discount you’re entitled of beforehand. Some of the most common types of discounts include; Defensive Driving discounts which is granted to anyone who has finished state accredited defensive driving courses , Good Student Discounts; granted to students who maintain an average grade of B or higher, Good Driver discounts which most car insurance providers today give to someone who has had a clean driving history within the past three to five years.

Reduce the Risk You Expose Yourself and Your Vehicle To

Parking your vehicle inside a garage at night, adhering to the rules while on the road, Putting additional and security devices or mechanisms on your vehicle , lowering your mileage annually to less than 15,000 miles, driving a vehicle with a higher safety rating, and any other steps you take to minimize the risk of serious injuries and damages, or to avoid car accidents altogether, will definitely help acquire you some of the best-priced rates available.