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How to Choose an Auto Detailer for Your Classic Car

If you’re a classic car owner, then I’m sure you’re struggled with the problem of finding a competent automobile detailer. You know, one that you actually trust your car to. Now, a lot of classic car owners just detail their own cars, but personally, I would rather pay someone responsible to do the work for me. So, how would you find someone who can detail classic cars? Here are a few suggestions.

Car Shows

Car shows need competent detailers for the cars in the show. One way to find a great auto detailer is to call up a few shows and ask them who they use. Most shows will be happy to tell you who they’re using, because they probably want to throw that company or person more work.

If you’re a car enthusiast, you probably go to a few car shows, yourself. If you’re attending a show in your area, find out who the organizers are and ask them who they use for auto detailing. They’ll probably be happy to tell you.

Luxury Car Dealers


Another great place to look for an auto detailer for your classic car is at a luxury car dealership. These folks have to keep their cars looking sharp. Just find the owner and tell them you collect cars, then ask them who they would recommend for some detailing work. If you tell them in advance you’re a collector, then they’ll see you as a potential customer and want to help you more.

Your Kids

Here’s what I did that worked great! When my kids got old enough, I taught them how I wanted my car detailed. I paid them well, because to do it right takes several hours. Having your own in house work force might be the best of all of these alternatives for automobile detailing.

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Ford Set ‘Sister’ Fiesta

Cheap car market is indeed being will become a trend. Not only in Indonesia, but also in the level of the world. Ford car manufacturers even claim to be interested to instantly create a car that could be cheaper than the Ford Fiesta.

Ford Motor Co CEO. Alan Mulally admitted that it is now carefully considering to sell the low-cost car which would take the base of the famous subcompact car, the Ford Fiesta.

However, despite intending to make a car worth under Fiesta, Ford does not intend to create a new brand.

“We are looking around the world the opportunity to sell the car under priced Fiesta.

Segments that will be entered by Ford, according to Mulally they named ‘value B’ which refers to the similarity measure in the B-segment cars like the Fiesta but with a cheaper price.

In Europe alone Ford already has valuable cars under the Ford Ka Fiesta that takes the base of the Fiat 500. But small cars like the Ford Ka is not considered as the best candidate for a global car market with diverse desires.

In any car priced alternative is to increase the company’s revenue for the world’s economic powerhouse, Asia, still hungry for affordable vehicles.

Nissan has announced it will give birth again Daihatsu in Indonesia, India and Russia will be the mainstay of their cheap car segment. Similarly, creating a brand new Renault Dacia Renault in 2004, which at the end of this year is expected to be capable of removing 1 million cars worldwide, up from 813 thousand last year.

Meanwhile, compatriot rival Renault, PSA / Peugeot-Citroen has also been announced for the show which will bear the cost model Peugeot and Citroen brands at the Paris auto show, which will be held later this month.

In Indonesia, the government is aggressively refine rules Low Cost and Green Car which will give the birth of cheap cars in Indonesia. Daihatsu, Suzuki and Daihatsu have already expressed an interest to participate in the program.

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Adding Express Detailing Services to Your Already Successful Car Wash or Automotive Business

Express Detailing is a term, which has been marketed and inevitably defined by fixed site car washes in their attempt to increase average per ticket transactions. By using express detailing as an “add-on” service for between $35.00-$60.00 they are able to up sell a $4.99 exterior wash direct mail coupon that a customer brings in to a $40.00- 70.00 charge. Their theory is sound and tends to work well for them. A car wash in and out wash which takes 10-15 minutes for vacuum, tunnel wash and dry and then another 15-20 minutes for a solvent polymer wax, with dash and tire dressing is consistent with their industry $/hour goals. Now car wash owners have gone one step further with The Blue Coral Wax Treatment.

This is a wax put on while the car is still wet, thus eliminating the drying step. The wax is rubbed on the wet car, dries to a haze and is wiped off which dramatically increases efficiency and adds even greater revenue. Thus by speeding up the process they cater even more to the new consumers attitude. “I want it now”, the quicker the better, give me my detail, I have things to do, I’m outta here. Similar customer attitudes are found in the demands of e-commerce where you buy a product today and it shows up at your doorstep next morning guaranteed by Fed EX or Two day service by RPS, Airbourne, UPS, Emery Express, or Fed EX.

In a world of co-branding, point of destination strategies and co-op marketing, all industries are evolving and diversifying to capture greater profits within a single brick and mortar location or as is appearing more commonly on Internet web sites. In general much of the new thinking has been customer driven due to lifestyle changes, low unemployment, time factors and quality of life issues of the consumer. If you look at which now sells tapes, records and toys when previously it was strictly a books sales site. It can quickly add new revenue streams by offering it’s customer base more reasons to buy more things. You to see the revolutionizing effect of this trend? We have on-line search engines being paid million dollars from car companies and furniture companies for their industries exclusive rights to e-commerce directly on those sites. As Starbucks begins to sell housewares on their web site, and Home Depots add McDonalds inside their stores and Bank of Wal-Mart opening it’s own brand of bank within its 5 superstores; you have to think that ‘express detailing’ at car washes is simply a natural progression. Many professional detailers would disagree saying these types of services are different animals. Some complain that fixed site car washes have ruined the true definition of the term detailing. Yet if you look closely this is nothing more than true capitalism in a free market system generating additional revenues with existing resources.

Think about it for a minute. Professional Detailing Centers often do glass repair, window tinting, pin-striping and graphics, gold plating, ozone treatment, dent repair, color sanding, upholstery repair, wood grain paneling, and even after market auto accessories. These are all industries in their own right and these industry leaders with their own definitions and trade publications and accepted operational procedures complain about us offering similar services as professional detailers. They say we are stealing their customers and not providing the same quality workmanship as the craftsmen do in those industries, which may or may not be true. For example a person specializing in upholstery repair for twenty years can obviously do a better quality job than a detailer on fabrics of almost any type. You are affecting his bottom line with an inferior service since you don’t have 20 years experience in upholstery repair understanding the dynamics of thirty different types of fabric, dyes, and manufacturers suggestions for preservation.

Should he be mad at you for offering a greater array of service to you customers? No, the upholstery craftsman will need to have his own set of value added services and products he can offer to his customers such as removing and replacing seats and headliners and using the highest grade fabrics and stainless steel screws. You must have a specialty or an area of expertise, but you must also understand and then cater to the needs and more importantly the wants of your customer. If you don’t know their wants and needs, ask your customers directly in an informal survey or indirectly during conversations.


Saying that fixed site car washes have destroyed the meaning of the word detailing may be true to some extent. Yet one must ask, “Did McDonalds destroy the definition of a hearty breakfast when it introduced the ‘Egg McMuffin’ in Santa Barbara, CA?” Comparing ‘express detailing’ with a complete detailing service is merely another apples and oranges issue. We as professional detailers realize that there is no comparison. Why does this make so many of us angry? It is all those years of perfection being thrown out the window? But do not look at it that way, look at it as an incredible opportunity. Channel the frustration and anger into energy and perseverance. The fixed site car washes with their quick wax, ‘express detail’ have popularized the phrase ‘detailing’ to an entirely new group of consumers who normally might not be interested in your services prior to this introduction. It is up to us to expand upon this and take advantage of the fact that now the general workforce is buying detailing services. Sure it’s inferior, but a need, a want and desire to spend money for detailing has been formally introduced. This has opportunity written all over it as Bud Abraham said in a speech he delivered at the ICA (International Carwash Association) annual conference in Las Vegas.

Many feel that this new spin on the old terminology of detailing has adversely affected the professional detailers retail business. Fixed detailers must adapt to this market challenge or loose a large percentage of their retail detail volume and thus have their profitability affected. By differentiating their service and educating customers to the definition of a ‘Full Detail’ or ‘Complete Detailing Service’ the professional detailer is able to cater to the ideal retail customer in the middle to upper income classes. Generally members of this market segment understand the difference and are aware of the value of a real detail versus an express service. This high-end crowd can be as much as 15-35% of the professional detailers retail clientele. Let’s say that a Professional Detailer has 70% of its business in new and used Car Dealerships and other fleet customers who occasionally need detailing. Vehicles such as rent-a-cars, work vans, or sales cars for corporations and 30% in individual retail, the higher per car profit of all services offered. It is not good business sense for a Professional Detailer to simply ignore that much of their customer base, and therefore they must develop a strategy to help customers and clients understand the difference between the express service and full detail.

Some of the communication problems come into play when a customer is convinced that the $50.00-$60.00 (sometimes as low as $35.00) he or she paid for an express detail is the same service they will get when they pay a $100.00+ complete detailing service. Even when the higher price comes from a professional and reputable detailing establishment and not a 30 minute ‘express service’ from a car wash. Unfortunately unless otherwise educated, perception becomes reality.

The problems are compounded when you throw the mobile detailer into the loop. Usually charging $60.00-$80.00 and then calling his detailing services a ‘full detail’. This market player is fiercely competitive for price as he attempts to establish his new business and has the advantage of on-site service. Many of these new small companies will be in business for a summer or two, or at most a couple of years. Many opt later to establish fixed sites and raise their prices due to increased capital expenditures such as a phone system, fixtures, electrical work, reclaim devises and work benches and increased overhead or rent, electricity, office supplies, water, and reclaim waste water removal. Established mobile detailers who last over two years generally develop a larger clientele and raise their prices simply because of supply and demand economics. Their prices will usually be $100.00+ for a complete detail.

Many also offer a monthly program including washes, detailing services and monthly billing. Most mobile operations have not adopted the term Express Detailing because they believe they do a better job than the car washes with regard to quality. Many mobile operations will continue the low price of their original full detail of $60.00-$80.00, but now use the term ‘mini-detail’. This allows them to charge a full detail price to new customers but still offer previous customers and those original customers’ word of mouth referrals a low price without giving away services. It also allows them to tap into the customers that may not be able to afford a real detail but still wish to have detailing services for ego reasons, being able to tell friends, “I had my car detailed.” Why own a BMW if you can’t have it detailed. This appeals to the young executive on his way up the ladder.

A few mobile detailers have used the term ‘express detailing’, which adds even more confusion to the issue. “What is an Express Detail anyway?” Most of the new mobile detailers eventually go out of business or raise prices due to environmental reclaim issues, competition, seasonal weather, lack proper image, inferior learn as you go training or lack of industry knowledge. Many of the new professional detailers in our industry come from the mobile sector and they tend to price and deliver whatever they can sell to the customer, using the word detail whenever they think it will command a higher price. They will use the word detailing loosely to sell the job.

I think it would be fair to say that the word ‘detail’ has been over used for marketing purposes at fixed site car washes and has caused problems with the definition and mystique of professional automobile detailing. It has caused havoc for those true professionals who have worked hard and sacrificed to keep the word sacred for many years and have prided themselves in the most excellent service.

Many Old Time Detailing Professionals have been forced to address this express detailing issue by adding express services to their menu of services. This appeases the customer’s desire for quick and affordable service between quarterly of semi-annual full detailing appointments. Sometimes this cannibalizes full detailing services but if done correctly it can attract new customers to your business ho will eventually try the real thing. Once they do they will be hooked forever. By letting your customer’s experience a full detailing service you will build your complete detailing customer base.

See the chart provided to us by Nicholas J. Vacco, a seasoned detailing veteran. These are the things most full and complete detailing services include:



_____ Make sure all wax is removed

_____ Check for wax dust

_____ Check emblems and crevices

_____ Check to see if \chrome has been polished

_____ Check grill and all front areas for bug removal

_____ Look at rocker panels for tar

_____ Check wheels for brake dust

_____ Check white walls

_____ Make sure tires are dressed evenly

_____ Check wheel wells

_____ Make sure wheel well lips are clean

_____ Check all bezels for wax removal and cleanliness

_____ Check windows for smears/paint overspray

_____ Look at mirrors for cleanliness

_____ Check headlights/tail lights for cleanliness

_____ Check moldings, weather striping, front air dams, bumper strips for dressing

_____ Make sure vinyl top is clean and conditioned

_____ Check wipers for overspray


_____ Make sure carpet is vacuumed

_____ Check under seats

_____ Check ash trays

_____ Check rear shelf

_____ Check carpet for stains and cleanliness

_____ Check seats for stains and cleanliness

_____ Look at door panes for cleanliness

_____ Check dash board; ac vents, gauges, radio knobs, steering column, levers, crevices

_____ Check all chrome including seat belt ends, door handles, step plates

_____ Make sure all vinyl and leather has been evenly dressed

_____ Check headliner, visors, sail panels

_____ Check dome light area

_____ Check seat belts

_____ Make sure all pedals are cleaned

_____ Check lower dash for dressing

_____ Check all door jambs for cleanliness and tar removal

_____ Check consoles and glove compartment for cleanliness

_____ Check windows; below inspection stickers, inside rear brake lights, window tips

_____ Check rear view mirror

_____ Check vanity mirrors

_____ Make sure mats are in trunk

_____ Check to see that personal items are placed in clear plastic bag

_____ Check for plastic drivers seat cover

_____ Check for paper mats

_____ Be sure a hand-out flyer has been placed in car


If a professional detailer will simply look past customer perception that “a detail is a detail” and educate them on the differences, then that professional will get the best of all worlds. By letting car washes introduce the idea and market to the consumers of the world, you will get free advertising. By car washes using the term detailing, even if it is out of context and even if they lower the once high standards in the minds of consumers, they still have opened the market ten fold. Now that this market is wide open and almost everyone has become in their own minds a detailing customer; it is up to the professional detailers to show them ‘a real detail’. It is up to us to expand our retail market mix, to expand that percentage of our business’ total sales.

Once the customer experiences the difference, they will see our point and know that an ‘express detail’ is merely a glorified wash with a hand wax, some extra dressings, and perhaps some carpet cleaning thrown in for good measure. It is hardly what professional detailers call a ‘complete and full detail’. Once your customer has become accustomed to a real detail and received a service which has exceeded their wildest expectations, that person will be a walking, talking one-person sales army for you and every other professional detailer in our industry. So press on! Let’s make believer out of our retail clientele one customer at a time.

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Maybach Exelero Made in Germany

Previously, we know the Ferrari 458 or the car for U.S. $ 300,000 Lamborghini Aventador as the most expensive car. However, with the development of automotive technology, many cars manufactured upscale with an outrageous price.

Average the most expensive car is produced (limited edition) and are produced by manufacturers from Europe and America has experienced in producing top grade cars the world.

As AmenRoom Dot Com (ARDC) quotes from TheRichest.Org, most expensive cars in the world today is the Maybach Exelero. A high-performance car designed and manufactured by luxury car manufacturer Maybach.

Here’s a brief review of the 10 most expensive cars in the world:

1. Maybach Exelero

Price: $ 8 million or Rp 72 billion (U.S. $ Exchange Rate 9,000)

Country of Origin: Germany

Engine: V12 twin turbo

0-60 mph: 4.4 seconds

This car was first produced in May 2005 at the Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany. The company that produces it is Stola in Turin. This vehicle is designed or produced only once, the initial objective to showcase high-tech automotive sector. Working together also with Tyre from Fulda Exelero a leading tire manufacturer. The two companies that produce this car and have not been previously collaborated for the first time they joined in 1938. Fulda tires produced was used in Limousines SW Mayback 38. Currently Exelero limited production of only 10 units with a selling price of U.S. $ 8 million to U.S. $ 10 million.

2. Bugatti Veyron Supersport

Price: $ 2.6 Million or $ 23.4 Billion

Country of Origin: France

Engine: 16-cylindars, 1.200 hp

0-60 mph: 2.4 seconds

Fastest and become the world’s second most expensive car, the Bugatti Veyron Supersport. With a price of $ 2.6 million, the Bugatti Veyron Supersport is a Bugatti that has been tested by VW engineers. It has a power of 1200 hp quad-turbo engine 8.0-liter W16 engine and aerodynamics are built according to standards that can help this car can be driven up to a top speed of 267.81 mph. Plus the luxury of exceptional design.

3. Ferrari 599XX

Price: $ 2 million or USD 18 Billion

Country of Origin: Italy

Engine: 700hp V12

0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

Ferrari 599XX with powerful 700-hp engine models from manufacturers without turbo V12 engine or supercharger. With accelerated to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. So far Ferrari has not announced the official price, but rumors are circulating worth estimated at U.S. $ 2 million.

4. Zenvo ST1

Price: $ 1.8 million or USD 16.2 billion

Country of origin: Denmark

Engine: 1.250 hp V8

0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

Zenvo ST1 is produced by the car manufacturer from Denmark. This car has power 1.250 horsepower, aided again with turbocharge and supercharged 7.0 liter V8 engine. Car prices reached $ 1.8 million.

5. Koenigsegg Agera R

Price: $ 1.7 million or U.S. $ 15.3 Billion

Country of origin: Sweden

Engine: 1.115 hp, 5.0-liter V8

0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

Designed with a dual turbo engine 5.0-liter V8, Agera R from Sweden made a super car Koenigsegg has 1.115 horsepower. It cost about $ 1.5 million for the Agera usual, and if you want to add the R badge should add another cost of $ 211,000.

6. Lamborghini Reventon

Price: $ 1.6 million equivalent to U.S. $ 14.4 Billion

Country of origin: Italy

Engines: 6.5 L (400 cu in) V12

0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

Lamborghini Reventon debuted in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor show ranks. At that time the car is the only car Lamborghini most expensive ever produced.

7. Aston Martin One-77

Price: $ 1.4 million equivalent to U.S. $ 12.6 Billion

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Engine: 750hp, 7.3-liter V12

0-60 mph: 3.7 seconds

Aston Martin One-77 is one of the vehicle with a full-carbon chassis with a dramatic style. The engine has the power of a giant power v12 engine 7.3 liters, equivalent to 750 horsepower. The engine is still common and widely used in Formula 1. The price is set at $ 1.4 million and is only produced as many as 77 units.

8. Maybach Landaulet

Price: $ 1.4 million, equivalent to Rp 12.6 Billion

Country of origin: Germany

Engine: 620hp 12-cylinder

0-60 mph: 5.2 seconds

Maybach Landaulet is pegged at $ 1.4 million. Unconventional Mercedeze-Benz manufacturer, car manufacturer combines the classic style and futuristic Pebble Beach. Designed with 625 Landaulet models and is powered by a twin-turbo v12 or has the equivalent strength of 543 horsepower.

9. Pagani Huayra

Price: $ 1.3 million, equivalent to Rp 11.7 Billion

Country of origin: Italy

Engine: 700hp Mercedes-Benz-made V12

0-60 mph: 3.5 seconds

Well-known but not talked about. This car gives a stylish look like catfish. Huayra is the second supercar made by Pagani. Similar to the previous production of the Zonda, the car is considered to be the best car, the Huayra engine powered by 700-hp twin-turbo V12 Mercedes and can reach a top speed of over 230 miles per hour.

10. Hennessey Venom GT

Price: $ 1 million (1,200 hp edition) equivalent to Rp 9 billion (exchange rate USD 9 thousand)

Country of origin: United States

Engine: 6.2-liter supercharged V8

0-60 mph: 2.5 seconds

Known as a twin-turbo Dodge Vipers and other tech machinery, Venom GT became prime car from Hennessey Performance. Nonetheless, this car has a chassis that was donated from the manufacturer Lotus Elise platform. Giving power supercharged 6.2 liter GM V8 engine sourced from making has its 1.200 horsepower and cost pegged at about $ 1 million.

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Model Lamborghini Aventador

Model cars Lamborghini Aventador LP-700 that made ​​Robert Gulpan was estimated to be worth USD 42 billion.

The German model car maker Robert Gulpan, again showing spectacular work through Lamborghini Aventador LP-700. Robert had previously made a replica Lamborghini Aventador from platinum and precious stones, now presents the more lustrous car model.

Lamborghini Aventador LP presents Robert-700 with the entire surface is gilded. He also sow 700 diamonds on two chairs in it. The chassis is also made of pure gold, and accessories such as wheel rims of platinum as well as the use of carbon fiber on the other. The model car is estimated to be worth 4.65 million dollars, or about Rp 42.71 billion (U.S. $ exchange rate of 9185).

This price is not official and may be worth even more expensive. It is estimated, that the model’s most expensive car in the world today and will receive recognition from the Guinness Book of Records.

Robert has been involved in the business of making model cars since 1990 it received requests from buyers who want a particular model of the Lamborghini Aventador LP-700 gold versions. The customer decide on the type of materials to be used include choosing gold, platinum, carbon fiber to the diamond.

52-year-old man was well known as a maker of car models to show the elements of luxury. In addition to presenting a replica Lamborghini Aventador in September, he has also been a model Bugatti Veyron polish with gold.

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Well, VW Combi Clear Successor Produced

Your Company Volkswagen fans would have been disappointed. Because German car manufacturers have decided to cancel the planned production of the VW Kombi successor who previously appeared in a concept called Bulli Microbus.

Originally broadcasted news that six-seater MPV that has been judged worthy by VW to be produced in different countries.

But now, VW’s head of R & D Ulrich Hackenberg denied the possibility. Hackenberg who is also the person who shows VW Bulli at the Geneva Auto Show last year said that the debut Bulli canceled.

Because, Hackenberg assume that it is the business did not see the great potential of Bulli when this car was born.

European and American markets are the backbone of this type of car is not considered too showed a lot of interest.

In fact, the concept version, this car has been able to attract a lot of attention. Unlike its predecessor, the legendary van, using the electric motor as a power booster.

Microbus (the term Kombi in the U.S.) or VW Bulli (the name in Germany) will be powered by a lithium-ion battery capacity of 40 kWh and an electric motor that has a power of 85 kW and torque of 199 lb-ft.

Vehicle concept from Germany, also has six seats and have technology that is different from vehicle-vehicle today.

Entertainment system is controlled by an iPad. Color of the car consists of 2 colors namely red and white and there is a V logo on the bonnet.

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Suzuki Carry family car at an affordable price

Suzuki Carry is available in 2 variants: DX and GX, a car mini bus that is flexible enough for the size of a family car with a price suitable bag.

Although the exterior looks pretty dynamic Suzuki Carry as seen from the design of its body to the size of a mini bus and headlight design a simple but follow the times.

Then in terms of the interior in the cabin can accommodate up to 9 passengers as well as luggage as well in addition to a considerable amount, even if you are still a lack of places you can fold the rear seats for extra space.

Suzuki Carry also carry a 1,500 cc 4-cylinder 16V G15A matching combined with a 5-speed transmission, and thanks to the machine, the Suzuki Carry was able to generate power of 78.8 PS at 5,500 rpm and torque of 122Nm at 3,000 rpm.

For the security of driving a car equipped with a Suzuki carry ventilated disc brakes at the front and brake his drum parts at the rear, ABS, electric lock and brake lights mounted on the stern mounted high enough that makes the Suzuki comfortable carry accompany long journey your family.

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Mazda Biante 629 Units Sold

success exceeded sales targets at IIMS 2012. MMI successfully sold 2156 units, well above the previously announced target, which is 1,300 units. All-New Mazda Biante launched at the opening of the IIMS, plays an important role in the achievement of sales targets MMI after successfully recorded sales of 629 units.

While the new Mazda2, which has become the backbone of the MMI sales since its launch in 2009, returned to the show as the best-selling Mazda cars with sales of 1017 units. Meanwhile, the All-New CX-5, completes the top three with sales of 313 units. The results of this year’s sales represented an increase of 71% when compared to the achievement of sales at IIMS 2011 as many as 1259 units.

Commenting on the achievement of Mazda sales in IIMS 2012, President Director of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia, Keizo Okue, said, “We are very pleased that Mazda has ended with the IIMS 2012 this glorious achievement. We saw IIMs as appropriate container to communicate Zoom-Zoom brand to the masses. We are also very satisfied with the sales results that we achieved, as this is a sign of the acceptance of our brand in the community, “he said.

All-New Mazda Biante, a new model was introduced this year after previous MMI brings Mazda RX-8 Spirit R, New Mazda2, all-new Mazda CX-5 and All-New Mazda BT-50 Pro. Mazda Biante, which is the medium MPV with a high roof that is able to accommodate 8 passengers, capable of directly proving its appeal at IIMS 2012.

This is evident from the high demand for Mazda Biante test drive as many as 567 during the IIMS 2012. In addition, visitor attraction on the Mazda Biante more visible after the car was chosen as the third winner in the category “Most Favorite Car” award at IIMS 2012.

“The year 2012 is still proven to be a fantastic year for us. Starting from the success we launched a number of new models to exceptional sales results at IIMS 2012. Obviously this will further motivate us to continue to improve our customer satisfaction,

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Waiting Honda Brio With 7 Seats

Actual news of the Honda Brio, a small car from the Japanese manufacturer is rumored to be coming soon in version Multi Purpose Vehicle. According to Director of Marketing and After Sales Service Honda Prospect Motor, Jonfis Fandy, info of the presence of the Honda Brio MPV version is still sketchy, but it implies that its presence is not an impossible thing.

According to him, in 2013 it will present two new cars from the manufacturer Honda are still included in the category Citycar and MPV. And both are likely to be present as well be a world premiere at the upcoming event IIMS. The possibility of the presence of Honda Brio in the MPV version is supported also by the reality that in this attack cars family cars (low MPV) will be very intense. As is known in addition to MPV cars that have existed such as Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia and Suzuki Ertiga, will emerge a new family car from other companies such as Chevrolet and Mazda Spin VX-1.

As we know that Brio city car is a car that will share the basic as well as his brother the Honda Jazz. Starting from a car possible hacthback version, Brio is also now comes in a sedan version. So it is not impossible that this one small vehicle would be re-packaged in the form of another and the family car is a very possible.

When the car is going to be versatile brio launched officially and how the price of Honda Brio in this versatile type of car will be sold? They say the car will be on display to the public at the biggest automotive exhibition in Indonesia IIMs to be held in September 2013.

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What is a Car Restoration?

First of all let me tell you a little about what isn’t a car restoration, then we’ll move on to what is a car restoration. Let’s dive right in here, the top of the list of things that a car restoration isn’t starts with a collision repair, at least in the sense that we can break it down, and do a complete full estimate.

I say this because it’s the first thing that I always get asked to do, and it’s the last thing that is possible for us to do. The short sweet explanation is this; we have to tare the entire car apart to do an estimate, and by then the work has already begun.

We can’t just quickly through the car back together so you can take it to the next place. No shop will take a job that has been started by another shop, in most cases. There is a reason behind this, we don’t want to get left with fixing the things that they may, or may not have done.

Lastly on the subject of estimates, you really don’t want to come and take your car away in boxes. This is your other option; doesn’t sound very appealing huh? In the end it is all up to you, but this is one of the main reasons that most real restoration shops will not do an estimate on your car.

My shop most definitely will not do an estimate on your car, and the truth is that we are not a collision shop. We don’t have a book, or a program that gives us a list of hours that it takes to do things. Mostly because there is no way for anybody to know every variable that comes in to play.


All though some of the work that we do appears to be allot like collision repair, it is truly nothing like the same thing. We aren’t all about speed, we are about getting it done the right way every time. It can take some time, but it will be right if you have the time to spend.

The next thing that we are not, is a tuner shop. Our shop specializes in cars 1974 and older. We didn’t used to go newer then 1963, but that has changed along with the fact that these cars are getting hard to find these days.

People are restoring cars that used to be considered parts cars. Because they can’t find anything else, this obviously makes extra work for the restoration shop that is doing the work. An average car can cost $100,000 or more in just labor alone.

I tell people to be ready for anything that might happen, it’s always better to be sure that you have what you need before you begin the work. Make sure that you know what you want when the restoration is complete, discuss your vision with the shop that is doing the work.

Make sure that the shop knows what you want when your car is complete. Rather it’s a factory stock restoration, a resto-mod, or a hot rod. In the end for both you and the shop to feel like they had a good experience, discuss every detail of the job with the shop doing the work.

Now for what a restoration is; first of all the restoration shop should be a place that you enjoy visiting, and seeing the progress on your car. OK beyond this a restoration shop does body repair work, interior repair work, mechanical repair work, and the list goes on.

We dismantle the entire car piece by piece, determining what pieces are good, and what pieces need to be fixed, or replaced. This is not the same thing that any collision shop does, they do what it takes to get that car out, and move the next one in.

We look at every parts of the car, not just a damaged quarter panel, or peeling paint. Every job that rolls out of a real restoration shop has to be perfect, and nothing less will do. A restoration shop wears a lot of hats, we are a hot rod shop, a custom car builder, a custom auto paint shop, and more.

Essentially we do what ever the customer wants us to do, we never have use after market parts if the customer doesn’t want us to. If a parts isn’t available, we will fabricate it, yes we ware a lot of hats, and we love it.

We love the creative part of the process, we are in this for the art work sake of the job. Our passion is to see these cars on the road, not to get this one out, so the next one can come in. Our passion is creating show winning cars, and cars that people will love their entire lives.

What is a car restoration, it’s returning your car back to factory, or better specs. It’s being able to customize your car any way you like, you should enjoy the process of a restoration, you should always receive the highest quality work possible, if all of these things happen, you will love it.

In short a car restoration is exactly what you want it to be, nothing more, and nothing less. The whole idea is to have fun, that is what hot rodding, and restoration have been about from the beginning. It’s still the same thing that is has always been, a few guys having a good time with an old car.