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Cheap Car Twins Top Winners Reported at IIMS 2012

Cheap Car Twins Top Winners Reported at IIMS 2012Honda Brio may be the best car this year, but most car boom in the media are the Agya twins cheap car Toyota and Daihatsu Ayla.

Thus the results of monitoring Reputation monitoring tools.

Brand twins Agya and Ayla to a conversation topic in online media for 5 days of the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012 which was held from Thursday, September 20, 2012, and in the JI-EXPO, Kemayoran.

“Allegedly, the two media interest because this brand has to offer at a relatively affordable price of Rp 90 million to Rp 100 million. Moreover, twins Agya Toyota and Daihatsu Ayla is touted as the next generation, innovative collaboration between Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia,” wrote in a press release received detikOto, Thursday (27/09/2012).

Then if you look at the data, Toyota appears as a brand that dimention most in online media, which is as much as 1779, followed by automotive companies to mention a 1215 Daihatsu in online media and social networking.

Here are the data complete:

1. Toyota reaches 1779 mention
2. 1215 Daihatsu achieving mention
3. Honda reaches 1082 mention
4. Nissan reaches 537 mentions
5. Chevrolet mention reaching 524
6. Tata Motors reached 465 mentions
7. Suzuki reached 421 mentions
8. Mercedes Benz reaches 451 mentions
9. Mitsubishi reaches 398 mentions
10. Mazda 380 reach mentions
11. Kia reached 300 mentions
12. VW reaches 272 mentions
13. Hyundai reaches 187 mentions
14. proton reaches 12 mention

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Bugatti Sedan Ready to Make More Powerful than 1,000 Hp

Bugatti car manufacturer made ​​sure to introduce a four-door sedan called the Galibier. Bugatti also confirmed that the sedan will still carry great power as well as other Bugatti cars. Strength was claimed to exceed the 1,000 hp.

The new car project by Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer said that energy is the new Bugatti Galibier. The engine is likely to be supported kitchen runway 16 cylinders which is expected to be producing power up to 1400 hp.

“This will be the best luxury sedan in the world (and) four-door beautiful in the world,” he said.

This car was first shown at the Bugatti headquarters in France in September 2009 through 16 C Galibier way. With a design that is executed by the design house Italdesign-Giugiaro.

Bugatti sedan then said that it would not be carrying the hybrid system as developed other brands. “Right now the priority is strength, go hybrid,” he continued.

In the version of the concept, Galibier carries the W16 engine with a capacity of 8.0 liters. It is not yet known what the machine will be given on the new sedan.

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Learn About Sports Cars Before You Buy One

Nothing beats the exhilaration brought about by speed. Anyone who has ever driven an automobile has at least dreamt of taking the role of Steve McQueen in “Bullitt”, getting into a high-speed car chase. If not Bullitt, each driver has dreamt playing Michael Caine’s Charlie Cosker in “The Italian Job”, driving that gorgeous convertible into the very heart of the gold heist.. Anyone who has ever taken control of the wheel has at least once dreamt of driving not just to get from point A to point B but to go from point A to B in flair. And driving a fantastic sports car fulfills this dream.

In making an automobile or any land vehicle for that matter, a lot of factors are being considered: cost of material, safety, efficiency, and performance are only some of these at play on the drawing board of a car maker. A sports car however, in definition gives priority to performance above all other factors. By performance, speed is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Speed relies heavily on the power of the car’s engine.

Most sports cars do have muscle engines which can outrun even the fastest sedans easily. A sports car engineer therefore puts it first on the list of factors that he has to consider: how to travel the distance with the least amount of time possible.

But of course, even if performance is a cut above every other consideration, the other factors are never neglected. Safety cannot be compromised, because even the fastest sports car needs a driver on the wheel at all times, and safe at all times. Besides, everyone wants to drive from start to finish in one piece, after all. So a performance-oriented vehicle must pay attention to the other factors and not rely solely on the car engine’s power.

A number of sports cars compensate for a not-so-powerful engine with a light body, paying due respect to the laws of physics: the lighter the mass, the smaller amount of force required to move this mass. This is also the reason why a sports cars usually are smaller, and do not have backseats. If these cars do have backseats, these are not as convenient as a sedan’s and is only a throwaway to please the insurance companies. One may also notice that a sports car quite often only has two doors, and it shares the same reason as that of the backseat.

Because it can outperform any of the regular four-seater cars out in the market, sports cars are sold obviously at a higher price. Another reason is because quality materials are almost always being used to withstand the heavier wear and tear in this type of vehicle.
This also explains why purchasing a sports car remains a pipe dream to most car enthusiasts. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. It is easier to get one’s hands on the steering wheel of a sports car than most people think. One just has to have the imagination and acumen to do so.

Buying a sports car does not have to mean going to your nearest car dealer and getting a brand new vehicle off the rack. There are quite a handful of these vehicles beyond the dealer’s garage, in very good condition and sold at a lower price. You can always check out car auctions and watch out of sports car models being sold at pancake rates. Pre-owned sports cars are always available on your local car magazine or website; sometimes it just requires you to pay more attention to these ad placements; you’ll never know when the sports car of your dreams is right under your nose.

Buying second-hand sports cars maybe the best way to go if one is facing monetary constraints. If a pre-owned sports car is taken cared of properly, it will give one the same excitement that a new one can provide.

There are also private sellers particularly of sports cars. More often than not, owners of these sports cars found themselves short of cash and are willing to dispose of their sports cars at considerably low prices, much to their resistance. Desperation is in a way good for buyers on the look-out: they get their dream vehicles at bargain prices.

And once you have spotted the car of your dreams, it is wise to exercise routine vehicle inspection, the way one does when buying a regular car. Do not forget to visually inspect the engine, the interior and the body. It is a folly to disregard these simple reminders, especially when buying a pre-owned sports car. You as a buyer can easily assess the condition of the car, how well it was maintained by the owner, simply by looking at it. Then, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: do not forget to test-drive your prospect sports vehicle before closing the purchase. Give it a go and see how it feels. If it feels good – and you feel like Steve McQueen in Bullitt – it is time to call that sports car your own.

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This He Twins Toyota Prius

Prefecture – Following the deadly duo Avanza-Xenia, cooperation between Toyota and Daihatsu to make a twin car re-done. This time, the world’s most popular hybrid car, the Toyota Prius will be taken Daihatsu. Be Daihatsu Mebius.

Daihatsu Mebius it is basically a Toyota Prius V is given Daihatsu emblem. Besides affairs emblem earlier, the differences were very minor.

The heart of this car is still filled by the 1.8-liter engine with four-cylinder mated to an electric motor to make this car has 136 horsepower

And just as Xenia that offers ample space, Daihatsu Mebius was also having ample cargo space. By simply carrying five seats, the Japanese car is capable of displaying up to 535 liters of storage space. And when the rear seats are folded the cargo capacity will increase to 1,070 liters.

However, this car will only be intended for the Japanese market first. Its price starts from 2,350,000 yen to 2,800,000 or approximately USD 228.5 million to USD 272.3 million.

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Secure Your Custom Car Investment With a Car Cover

Your car is a major investment and you will want to keep it looking sharp and running smoothly. If you have a classic or custom car that you store away for the winter, you have to make sure you prepare it for storage so it will be in pristine condition when you take it out. To keep your custom car looking its best you have to keep it in the best shape possible, inside and out.

You need to take extra care and greater precautions when you are driving a custom car regularly and it is being parked outside. Make sure you have it covered with a properly fitted car cover which can protect the vehicle from the elements which predominate in your area. You ought to have it covered whenever it is not in use and if you are going to put it in storage, there are a few preventive maintenance measures you can take to make sure it stays in good condition.

Before you store it away you should give it a good detailing and it should be squeaky clean. You will want to wash all the road grime off of the car including all body parts and undercarriage. Another, very important thing is to make sure the car is completely dry before you cover it up with a car cover as this will ensure moisture is not being trapped which may cause musty smells and promote mold growth.

You will want to make sure the car cover you choose has a high quality soft interior that will not scratch you car and will protect it from dust. If you plan on storing the car for a short time, you can drain the cooling fluid and refill it with antifreeze. On the other hand, if you plan on storing the vehicle for an extended period of time, you can drain the entire system and take the radiator cap off so air can circulate through it.

It is recommended you put the car on car stands or jacks to lift the tires off the ground. This will help keep your tires from deflating or being ruined and more than this, remove the battery and clean the battery cables.


When you get your car out of storage, clean it up with a soft cotton cloth that is designed for specifically cleaning cars. It is also important to use the correct car wash and not abrasive detergent. To help prevent rust and metal corrosion you should have any dents, cracks or chips repaired as soon as you notice them.

Wash and dry your car properly after a road trip and make sure you blot dry any water to avoid rusting of the metal surfaces. You should also make sure you remove any gas spills, bird dropping, dead bugs and tree sap as soon as possible. All of these things can do serious damage to your vehicles paint finish. There are quality removal products, which don’t have high acidic content, available for removing these types of things.

When you are not using your vehicle you should cover it up to protect it from the elements. You want to make sure the cover has a soft lining that will not harm your paint job. If you follow the tips above you will keep your custom or classic car in mint condition for years to come.

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Prime Auctioned For Victims Sandy

The Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari is rumored to be auctioning units their first super sports car Ferrari F12 Berlinetta to be donated to victims of the storm that hit the east coast of Sandy Americans some time ago. According to the Ferrari Berlinetta to be auctioned in the United States to seek owner premiere this cool car. The proceeds will be donated to hurricane korbann Sandy through the American Red Cross (American Red Cross).

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta itself is the latest from the manufacturer with this Prancing Horse emblem. Equipped with a capacity of 6.262 cc B12 engine capable of producing a total power of 730hp with a torque of 509 lb-ft. Of the Italian supercar is capable of racing from 0 to 100km/jam in just 3.1 seconds and heading speed of 200 km / h in just 8.5 seconds.

If you are interested, the price of the new car will be opened at U.S. $ 315,888.

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Removing Secret Sauce and Catsup from Your Car Interior – Expert Detailing Advice

Cleaning stains from the inside of your car is no easy job. Here are a few Auto Detailing and Onsite Detailing Tips and Secrets of the Trade.

Knowing how to remove stains like Catsup, Mustard and Secret Sauce from Ultimate Cheese Burgers, Whoppers, Big Macs, Famous Stars, Double Doubles and Classic Cheese Burgers is not as simple as it might seem.

First go lose some weight by exercise and the Presidential 30 minutes a day workout. Now you are ready to jump in a car wash or detailing unit and go to hell week.

If you have ever seen the commercials for the SIX DOLLAR Burger or the Super Star where the actress dumps all kinds of stains on her blouse you know this can happen and often does.

As a detailer it is your job to clean it up, make it look new and clean it up perfect for the customer. The first thing you do is take some Folex Spot remover and a terry cloth towel and see if that works, if not use some spray and wash aerosol foam spray and wipe it. If it is leather saddle soap or Lexol works well.


If this does not work try concentrated dove or palm olive dishwashing soap and then mineral spirits and soak it up and wipe it. It may take several wipes to get rid of the concentrated dishwashing soap.

After you are sure the suds are gone put you high powered shop vac hose on the blower side and air dry it, roll down the windows and let it air dry.

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DIY Auto Detailing

There’s no other feeling like driving a clean car. Anyone can clean a car, but it takes a lot of effort to make it look like it just came off the showroom floor.

Professional Auto Detailers utilize great time and effort to ensure that your car’s appearance looks it’s finest.

No one knows for certain where the art of auto detailing began, but it is believed to have started in Southern California, and this art has become more than just a fad, as there are currently more that 50,000 detailers in the U. S., and these professionals rake in about $100,000 a year in detailing sales.

Many people have their car detailed just because they want a clean car. Sometimes detailing becomes serious business, especially when the person having their car detailed intends to enter it into a car show. In car shows, the vehicle is often judged on how well-kept and clean the vehicle appears. One such car show that is devoted mainly to the appearance of car is the Concours d’Elegance, sometimes referred to as the Concours.

There are 3 different methods of auto detailing.


  • Exterior Detailing
  • Interior Detailing
  • Engine Degreasing

Exterior detailing includes: waxing, claying, correcting paint defects and polishing the exterior of the vehicle.

Interior detailing includes: Interior detailing typically involves liquid cleaners and brushes. Every surface within the interior of the car must be cleaned, from the dashboard, console and visors to the instrument panel. Vacuuming is included as well.

The third type of detailing is degreasing the engine: This process involves removing grease and dirt from the engine bay with all-purpose cleaners and de-greasers.

The purpose of detailing is to bring out the vehicle’s appearance potential by the polishing and waxing of the exterior paint, wheels and chrome, and by giving the upholstery and seats a thorough cleaning.

Depending on the detailer, a customer may also be able to purchase undercoating services (including rust-proofing) and interior sealant, a fabric protectant also known as Scotch-Guarding.

Though detailing covers every aspect of cleaning a vehicle, it does not include upholstery work, painting, body work, or mechanical repair.

Mobile Auto Detailing has become increasingly popular, as it allows the owner to have his/her professionally detailed without ever having to leave their home or office.

A full detail will increase the value on a used car. When the vehicle is presented to the potential buyer, they will see the car in the best possible condition. Of course when selling a vehicle, there are other factors to consider, such as mileage and poor mechanical condition. The mileage is of course a factor you do not want to touch, unless your willing to face criminal charges.

Besides keeping your car clean, another benefit is the trade-in value. If you want the asking price, and the car is in good running order, get a professional detail, or, if you can do the job yourself, there are various top quality products for you to use.

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Want Honda NSX sister born?

Honda car manufacturers seem to have the itch to play again in the sports car segment. Having announced the re-birth of a legendary super car, the NSX, Honda was also currently developing a sports car another.

Honda intentions spawned sports car that is smaller than the NSX or ‘Small NSX’s upliftment long blow.

Only, the economic crisis a few years ago forced them to postpone the intention is to eventually present ‘Small NSX’re starting taken seriously.

This car will likely be a successor of the Honda S2000, only Honda would not re-use the name.

“S2000 is discontinue. Yet no plans to continue it.
The new sports car is different from the S2000 is likely to carry a machine that already apply turbocharged direct-injection system.

There are several options that can be the heart of this car include V6 engine capacity of 3.5 liter I-4 engine capacity of 2.4 liters, and the I-4 engine capacity of 2.0 liters with a prime candidate for the 2.4-liter engine.

More than that, there is also the possibility that this car will be brought hybrid system.

This car will have DNA like the NSX and the estimated cost will be in the range U.S. $ 50000-60000 time or approximately USD 478.2 million to USD 573.8 million.

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Lexus Hybrid Competitors Will Launch Q3 SUV

Lexus luxury car manufacturer plans to unveil a new luxury SUV with hybrid power. The car is likely to be smaller than the Lexus RX was prepared to block the rate of the Audi Q3.

Automotive News quoted sources mention them in the Lexus hybrid compact SUV that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next year.

This will be the first hybrid compact SUV in the Lexus brand, in addition to competing with the Audi Q3, the car will compete with the BMW X1.

Well, before sliding at the Geneva Motor Show, Lexus will show the first concept form at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year.

Reportedly from the side of the machine, will use the same engine as the Lexus IS 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor. Typical output hybrid Lexus.