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Benefits of Using the Latest Mobile Car Wash Products

Most people today are too busy to spend time cleaning their vehicles. Others consider auto detailing too much of an effort. In such situations, the most convenient and practical solution would be to contact mobile car wash services. The basic duty of mobile detailing professionals involves traveling extensively to homes or offices to maintain customer’s vehicles – cars, trucks, 4×4′s, RVs or boats.

With highly advanced auto detailing products, mobile car wash professionals accomplish the best car cleaning results. To maintain high standards of service, bring in more profits and to remain ahead of the competition, these car cleaning professionals must trust only the best vehicle detailing products. They must always opt for high-grade products available from leading suppliers.

Quality Does Matter
The best mobile car wash products available today from reputable distributors come with the promise of durability, efficiency, reliability and user-safety. Take the case of carpet cleaning machines for instance. Traditionally, car owners assumed that vacuuming was adequate to maintain their car interiors. However, they soon began to notice that vacuuming did nothing to eliminate tough dirt deposits, stains and odors within vehicles. Mobile car wash services effectively tackled this situation by utilizing high-grade carpet cleaners specifically designed for detailing the interiors of vehicles.

Top suppliers now offer heated and non-heated versions of carpet extractors designed for vehicle detailing applications. While the non-heated versions eject cold water for cleaning processes, the heated versions generate hot water for better cleaning results. The cold water based versions of car wash equipment are suitable for light-duty interior detailing jobs. When the demand levels are high or the vehicle interiors are extremely dirty or grimy, it is best to opt for heated versions.

The most outstanding aspect of car detailing products like carpet shampooers is the low flow cleaning function. Using very little water, these carpet cleaning machines are able to offer the cleanest carpets and vehicle upholstery. In fact, this low flow technology offers plenty of benefits in addition to saving water.


Since the volume of water used for cleaning is very low, carpets and car interiors dry faster. The carpets maintained with the help of these portable carpet cleaners, completely dry quickly and are free from the risk of mold or mildew development. Well-maintained and completely dried carpets will also smell fresh.

Non-heated versions of car wash equipment that use cold water for cleaning carpets will allow carpets to dry in about 6 hours. On the other hand, portable carpet cleaners that eject hot water will allow carpets to be dry in as little as two hours. The fast drying time is especially beneficial for car wash professionals since it helps them maintain vehicle interiors well and make the vehicles ready for use in just a couple of hours.

Car detailing products like carpet cleaners, offered by leading suppliers, are highly durable due to their rugged construction and inclusion of quality components. No wonder mobile car wash professionals always trust such branded machines.

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Mercedes sold more than BMW in the U.S.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz Daimler AG exceeded BMW sales after nine months in the U.S. luxury car market, in September, by a margin of seven percent.

The increase in sales of Mercedes, as reported by Bloomberg, the new version of the compact sedan helped the series C-Class and GLK SUV with sales of 23,156 units.

BMW recorded sales of 21,761 units or an increase of 0.1 percent compared to the previous period of 2011.

US-based auto industry analyst Jesse Toprak, called the successful increase in sales of Mercedes cars influenced by new product launches and aggressive vehicle loan agents.

Until September, Mercedes recorded sales total since the beginning of the year amounted to 191,618 units, growing 13 percent from the same period in 2011.

Meanwhile, BMW sold 186,397 units through September, growing 4.9 percent compared to the same period in 2011.

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Fastest Electric Car Record Broken

After working for a long time, the British billionaire finally managed to break the record in the world’s fastest electric car. Shot up to 239.3 km / h, a record was broken.

Unlike other record-breaking attempt the sound of the deafening roar of engines, breaking the speed record for an electric car was silent.

This record was created by wealthy British businessman called Dale Vince. Formerly since 2010 ago, Vince has tried to continue to create a fast electric car electric car finally born named Nemesis. The Fund was willing disbursed.

The goal, Vince wanted to break the speed record for an electric car that is 223.6 miles per hour that had been held by Don Wales of Bluebird Electric since 10 years ago.

But for breaking his record, Nemesis was not ridden by Vince but the young driver named Nick Ponting on a runway near York, England.

Early automobile manufacturing is done in addition to breaking the record Vince is breaking the supposition that an electric car is a car that slow. Initially, Vince built Nemesis of former Lotus Exige bought on eBay.

After that, nearly 1 million pounds he spends Rp 15.4 billion to make electric cars so the car for 2 years workmanship.

“We built a Nemesis to destroy the stereotype of electric cars as something to be slow, boring, not cool,” Vince said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Vince went on to say that the electric power used by this car is obtained from the application of wind turbines in the car.

With various improvements were made, according to Vince Nemesis on paper could run into figures of 160 km / h in just 8.5 seconds and can actually be driven up to 321 km / h.

The battery is capable of carrying the car picked up Nemesis roam 160-241 km before recharging in just 30 minutes.

While Ponting said that Nemesis is very enjoyable because inconsistent at all speeds.

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Custom Clubfitting – What Kind of Car Wash Do You Want?

More and more golf club companies are starting to emphasize custom clubfitting as an option for golfers as opposed to buying their clubs in standard form off the rack.

Custom fitting is very definitely beneficial for average golfers and not just for single digit handicap players. When done properly, custom fitting can reduce and offset some of the poor shotmaking effects of your swing errors. In addition, proper custom fitting makes it easier to take swing lessons and make the changes in the swing to hit the ball better.

If you are thinking about custom fitting for your next driver or set of clubs, there are a few things you need to know to ensure you really do end up with properly custom fit clubs that will improve your game. A colleague of mine in the golf business made what I believe to be a very appropriate analogy between custom clubfitting and getting your car washed.

If your car needs a bath, you can pull out the hose and just spray water on it to wash off the obvious surface dirt. On the other hand, you can also fill a bucket with suds and scrub the dirt off the surface with a sponge. Or, you can pull out all the stops and scrub, detail and wax it. All three examples could be called a car wash.

Custom fitting in the golf industry today is much the same. There is “fitting”, and there is professional custom clubfitting. Examples of a “fitting” include, “6 questions on a web site”, 15 minutes hitting a few balls with a swing computer, or 3 measurements and a response from a golf sales person to the effect of, “I know what you need.”


On the other hand, professional custom clubfitting is going to involve a pretty fair amount of your time, often more than one trip to have your swing analysed in detail by a trained and experienced custom Clubmaker so that ALL the possible specifications that make up a set of golf clubs can be pinpointed and selected to match with your strength, size, athletic ability, and especially, the way YOU and only YOU swing.

Professional custom clubfitting really is like the scrub, wax and detail car wash I mentioned before. The other types of fitting are not going to get you really matched well to your clubs to result in the level of improvement that a professional custom fitting can and will do. In other words, which “car wash” do YOU want for your money? So don’t hesitate one more year, go and FIND A CLUBFITTER and you will most definitely see dramatic improvements in your game this year!

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The car wants Iron Man? The price is Rp 96 Billion!

Still remember the car Tony Stark aka Iron Man in The Avengers? The car originally had an Acura exorbitant prices reached Rp 95 billion to Rp 96 billion or even if you want additional features.

Avengers is currently exhibiting at the show car modification SEMA Show, Acura Automakers put a sticker price on the car is sophisticated.

Sophistication begins with the addition of radar, body armor until the heat detectors. The machine used was already using palladium and titanium, which has 32 ​​valve powered TOHC 80,000.

The machine is powered by a nitrous fuel-injection system and energy is channeled through 9 Speed ​​HYPER-Shift transmission system.

However, despite their great power, the efficiency of this car can not be underestimated. For in the city the car is able to record tigkat efficiency up to 99.4 km / liter.

While on the freeway, that number rose higher, reaching 128.3 km / liter.

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Aston Martin One-77

As one of the leading luxury car manufacturer, manufacturer of the UK is presenting a car Aston Martin One-77 which is one of the most expensive cars in the world.
With the engine-powered 750hp, 7.3-liter V12, it only takes 3.7 seconds to reach speeds of 100 Km / h.

Manufacturer Aston Martin
Production in 2009 (77 units)
Factory Gaydon, Warwickshire, England
Design Body 2-door coupé
Layout FR layout
7.3 L V12 engine
750 bhp (760 PS, 559 kw)
750 Nm (553 lb ft)
Transmission 6-speed automated manual
Weight 1.630 kg (3.594 lb)
Designer Marek Reichman

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Honda City Gas-Fired RI Ready to Go?

Honda City CNG version already present in Thailand and India and some other developing countries. Reportedly Honda City car fuel gas version it will enter Indonesia.

The presence of the car is certainly greatly help to reduce the use of fossil fuels during this troublesome Indonesian government.

The news comes from the Ministry of Industry, where PT Honda Prospect Motor middle register Honda City V CNG automatic transmission. Toyota Vios car competitors but CNG version is now in the stage of the process.

Honda City CNG still using engine 1500 cc SOHC, i-VTEC gasoline engine or equal to. This machine exertion 118 Ps and 146 Nm of torque.

Honda City gas fuel is equipped with an Electronic Safety Control Box with a steel pipe so that the device stays safe in the vehicle.

The presence of the Honda City V CNG certainly brings a fresh breeze. But a plus as compared to alternative fuels and hybrid electric car program will not be able to evolve such as availability of fuel depots.

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Honda Diesel Engines 1.6L i-DTEC, Tiny, Light and Powerful

Honda is committed to environmental issues. In addition to creating an efficient gasoline engine and eco-friendly, Honda has also developed diesel engine.

Namely, the new diesel engine 1600 cc i-DTEC to be introduced to the European region in advance of this year. Previously, Honda has developed the i-DTEC diesel engine capacity of 2200 cc.

“Our main focus for Earth Dreams Technology philosophy is to create an environment that balances efficiency with performance expected by Honda,” said Suehiro Hasshi, Large Project Leader Honda Civic in Europe and also the diesel engine 1600 cc i-DTEC this.

Honda called if the machine will be produced in Swindon, England is the most underestimated diesel engine in its class. Much lighter than the Honda diesel engine 2200 cc i-DTEC before.

He weighs 47 pounds compared to reduced engine 2200 cc. This is thanks to the use of aluminum for the cylinder block and head. Not only that, but also through the calculation of the components are very mature. Every component is designed and individually weighed.

Examples of internal development machine. “All the components are rotated optimized. So as to reduce the friction between the components that generate efficiency in various sectors,” said Tetsuya Miyake, Project Leader for the new machine.

Not only efficient and light, but the engine capacity of 1600 cc i-DTEC has very good performance. This machine has a wall thickness of 8 mm resulted in a piston cylinder also use special materials. Capable of producing 120 hp at 4,000 rpm engine speed with maximum torque of 300 Nm at 2,000 rpm engine speed.

Magnitude is thanks to the use of turbo Garrett the 4th generation that carries the variable nozzle and the speed of rotation of the precision because of the controlled electrical cars. As a result, turbo lag is minimal and has a power optimal combination of run-down, middle-to upper. Get maximum turbo pressure to 1.5 bar.

Later, the engine will produce 500 units in one day will be installed on all 2013 Honda Civic production and out on the European continent. The next step will also be paired on the Honda CR-V are also produced in the UK.

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Lexus Reveals Future Compact Hybrid SUV

Manufacturer plans to introduce new hybrid compact SUV as opposed Audi Q3 and BMW X1 at the Geneva Motor Show next year.

Reportedly compact SUV platform twin engines are based on the platform of the Lexus Toyota RAV4.

Lexus Officer Kazuo Ohara said, the latest hybrid compact SUV will debut at the Tokyo Auto Show, which takes place in November.

Not much information is disseminated by Kazuo, but he said the performance of the engine with the Lexus IS 300h, the 2,500 cc 4-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor.

Interest in developing a Lexus Hybrid SUV Compact Lantara increasingly popular small SUV segment. And this has been felt by the Audi Q3, the Nissan Juke.

Well, with the eye on that model car, IHS analysts predict even the European compact SUV sales would grow up to the 500,000 units in 2015 from 154,461 units in 2012.

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LaFerrari Landing in China

First hybrid-powered supercar made ​​Ferrari, LaFerrari finally officially entered China. Cars that have been shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 in March, went on a world tour by visiting China at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013 event.

This car is a limited edition of only 499 units produced. And just 3 days launched at the Geneva Motor Show, there have been 1,000 people who expect to be behind the wheel of this awesome supercar.

A warm welcome Shanghai and other urban community could no longer be denied. When first time displayed spontaneous LaFerarri make anyone who saw unnerved. Although LaFerrari right next to the Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

The room where the exhibition was packed with visitors as if to compare these super cars.

So it is clear that China became the nation longed sports car that has a low level of pollution.