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LaFerrari Landing in China

First hybrid-powered supercar made ​​Ferrari, LaFerrari finally officially entered China. Cars that have been shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 in March, went on a world tour by visiting China at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013 event.

This car is a limited edition of only 499 units produced. And just 3 days launched at the Geneva Motor Show, there have been 1,000 people who expect to be behind the wheel of this awesome supercar.

A warm welcome Shanghai and other urban community could no longer be denied. When first time displayed spontaneous LaFerarri make anyone who saw unnerved. Although LaFerrari right next to the Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

The room where the exhibition was packed with visitors as if to compare these super cars.

So it is clear that China became the nation longed sports car that has a low level of pollution.

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Car Buying Tips – Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Searching

Buying a new or used car is a very important event. It is normally a long term commitment, most likely expensive, and represents a place where you and your family spend a lot of your time.

Just as most people don’t get married or buy a house or go to a particular college based upon impulse, so too should car buying be treated with respect and given a proper amount of preparation.

There are things that people can do on the internet, through reading magazines, by asking friends, using a Used Car Search website, and other avenues to prepare for car shopping. Here, we will discuss the internal, primal, directionally focused process of digging deep and asking a few important questions before embarking on the automobile hunt.

1) How many people will be riding (NOT how many people are in the family)?

Consider your driving habits and future driving plans. You may have a family of 5, in which case a mid-sized sedan should work. But do grandma and grandpa like to ride to school events with you instead of driving themselves? Does little Timmy need to take four of his soccer teammates to practice sometimes? Are we going to fit all of the family and luggage when we head to the Grand Canyon this summer?

2) Will it fit in the garage?

A Ford Excursion will not fit in 13% of the garages in the US. How big is yours?

3) How much can I really afford?

Do a true, honest, forward thinking budget. Can you really afford $300, plus the extra gas you’ll pay for in the new SUV, plus the full coverage insurance instead of your liability?

If a car stands out, could you stretch to $450 a month, even though you only want to spend $375?

People get credit problems through their car loans because of various reasons – divorce, loss of job, unexpected medical expenses, etc. Then there are others who simply bite off more than they can chew.

4) Who should I consult before shopping?

Just about everyone knows someone who knows something about cars. Whether they are or have been in the car business or if they have a lot of experience buying, they are assets. If you are not one of those people, there is no shame in asking advice or looking for recommendations on dealers, makes, models, or any other aspect.

There is also no shame in taking a “third base coach” with you. If Uncle Rick used to sell cars, he has an insight into the business and can help you sniff out tricks or scams at the dealership. Ask him to come along.

5) What options are “must-have” and what options are just nice?

This is something that seems pretty simple, but often people will fall in love with a car, then discover later that it didn’t have the side-curtain airbags that you swore 3 months ago you wanted to get. Make a list of what you need and what you want and bring it with you.

6) How long will I keep this vehicle?

If you are one of the millions who trades cars out every 2-3 years, you will need to do some research regarding depreciation. You will want to seriously consider whether it is better to get a new one or a low mile used one.

Those who keep their cars for 5 or more years need to worry less about depreciation and more about longevity and maintenance costs, thus their research will be completely different.

Also, length of ownership will help you decide whether to take the low interest rate or the cash back incentive when considering new cars. That zero percent financing is very tempting, but if you’ll be trading in 2 years, you probably won’t save as much money as you would if you take the cash rebate instead.

Most dealers will have you go with whatever works best for them. Honest dealers, such as Oklahoma Truck Dealers, are willing to work with their customers to find what is best for them. Find a dealer like them, and you will do very well for yourself.

7) Will children be coming of age soon?

It isn’t a common consideration, but for those with 13-15 year-olds, it should be asked. Do you really want your child practicing with their learner’s permit on your Mustang GT?

Also, will you need to add a vehicle for that very reason? It is something to consider in budgeting – are you going to be buying your kid a car in the near future?

8) Will it fit every driver?

“That Mini Cooper sure would be nice, but will my 6’4″ husband enjoy it as much as me if he has to drive it?”

Again, not a common consideration, but it has to be taken into account if it applies.

9) What are my motivations?

Actors need to know their motivations before taking on a role. Car buyers need to know their motivations before buying.

If you get “the urge” to get a new sports car because your neighbor just parked her new Dodge Charger in the driveway, you should tread very carefully. Car buying can be an impulse decision. In many cases, these impulses lead us down the wrong path and create bad situations down the road (literally).

If your motivation is that your current vehicle has problems or is old enough to start having problems soon, that is a good motivation. If you are expecting a child and need something bigger, that is a good motivation. If you changed jobs and need better gas mileage to commute, that is a good motivation. If you have lots of money and darn it, you want a new car, that is a good motivation.

If your nemesis at work just bought a full ton diesel and you can’t let him have the biggest, baddest truck in the parking lot, you should probably wait a few days and see if the feeling wears off before heading to the Dodge dealership.

10) How soon do I want and/or need a new car?

From a money saving point of view, this is the most important question to ask yourself. Fight the society’s trend towards “we want what we want and we want it now”. If you want a new car, but you can wait a few months, order it. Most dealers and manufacturers will custom order one for you cheaper than if you buy it from the lot or have it located.

For used car buyers, if you have time, hold out for the best deal. Search the internet diligently through the various classified sites and dealer websites and wait for that great deal to come along. Be ready to hop on it, though, because great deals are there, and then they are gone.

Happy car buying!

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Japan Finally Got Hydrogen Station

For the first time, Japan finally has a hydrogen filling station. Only 3 minutes the time required for charging hydrogen into the car.

Establishment of this station makes hydrogen cars became apparent.

Because the test is, Japanese people will get in hydrogen fuel free. But unfortunately the selling price of hydrogen fuel in Japan does not yet have a definite selling price.

“The first thing I emphasize is, all the confusion regarding the price and the cost. If we talk about the cost of production, then we talk about how much it costs to produce hydrogen, send it and set up facilities.
Hirose added if a station is established, all is usually accumulated, could have to fill in the hydrogen car takes tens of thousands of yen. “For the first time it will cost up to tens of thousands of yen,” said Hirose.

With the birth of hydrogen filling stations in Japan, Hirose hoping to give BB choice <not only environmentally friendly hybrid technology.

“At what price people would be willing to pay? Most people might think ‘It’s okay for me, as long as the fuel consumption with hybrid cars’,

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Under Wind Pressure Prompts

Once you know how to buy the right tire, the next is the treatment against tire. Actually caring and safe tires so durable it’s easy, but sometimes the little things are often forgotten rider.
Here again are the tips:
1. Always check tire pressure according to the manufacturer required. If necessary, perform the checks every day before leaving.

2. Filling tires are properly done in the morning. Because, at cold temperatures, wind coming an ideal pressure. If filling after the vehicle is used, then the pressure will increase due to tire friction with the road surface.

3. We recommend using the wind kind of nitrogen as it tends to help reduce the heat so that the pressure remains ideal.

4. Clean pebbles stuck in between tread. The gravel if ignored could potentially tear the vehicle. “Due to friction with the asphalt, the tires will heat and soften. If left gravel will continue to go deeper, “said Lili.

5. If the vehicle is less common, but the tire was stuck for three years, should do the replacement with new tires. Minimum three years of the tire is the maximum age because the longer the tire will be more hard and brittle easy.

6. When the vehicle was left in the garage for a long time to go out of town or going home, try the contact between the tire with the floor is minimized. Because if left too long, steel construction on the tires will turn round no longer intact. This would potentially make the tire bumps and uncomfortable to use. The solution, for the car should be removed at least use the jack and motor functioning central standard that is not too heavy tire load carrying vehicles.

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Auto Detailing – Getting To Know The Basics Before Hiring An Auto Detailer

Auto detailing involves the close inspection and cleaning of your vehicle both inside and out. It can give the new car feel back to your older car and is also a good way to correct minor blemishes and prepare a vehicle for resale. You need to know what to expect before they start the job.

Exterior detailing
Exterior detailing basically implies a thorough cleaning and bringing the car’s finish to a bright shine, the end results will vary depending on the quality and condition of your vehicles paint.

A detailer will also clean and shine your car’s windows, wheels, tires and trim. There are many different products that a detailer may use to accomplish this, including detailing clay, detergents, polishes, waxes and various cloths or applicators.

There are three main elements of exterior detailing. These three are cleaning, polishing, and waxing.

The first step is to thoroughly clean the entire exterior, which will remove all the foreign contaminants that if left unchecked can start to compromise the painted surface.

Depending on the detailing package you were to purchase, a clay bar may be used to further remove any additional impurities that basic cleaning will not remove. The clay bar should be used on the entire painted surface. This will remove any factory overspray, dirt particles, tar or industrial fallout.

A detailer may use various polishing pads to remove fine scratches and swirls produced from improper cleaning or drying. However a good quality wax which is properly applied will eliminate most of these and help to protect the paint in the future.

Automotive waxes provide an excellent barrier against the elements so it’s imperative to ensure that a good wax is used.

Interior Detailing
Interior detailing involves the thorough cleaning of the interior of the vehicle. A detail package should always include vacuuming, removal of trash and debris. It may also include steam cleaning the carpets and upholstery, and thorough cleaning of the dash and console with fine brushes or Q-tips.

Engine detailing
Not all detailing companies offer this service. If you decide to have your engine compartment detailed, you should make sure that any product used does not contain petroleum products. Petroleum based products can break down and cause failure of rubber parts, such as hoses and fan belts.

Knowing the basics of auto detailing will help you to feel comfortable with the service that an auto detailer provides.

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Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

Having your car broken into or stolen can be a great disruption to someone’s life resulting in the victim having to file police reports, replace broken windows, file insurance claims and possibly even having to purchase a new one. We will cover a few tips to help prevent getting your car broken into and your belongings stolen. These methods are not fail proof by any means, but a car is an expensive purchase and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are a few tips to avoid having your belongings stolen from your car. It is extremely simple; keep all valuables hidden. This includes purses (especially if you carry coveted bags such as Dior, Louis Vuitton or Chanel), phones, wallets, sports equipment, even shopping bags! You may be carrying food or junk in your shopping bag but a thief won’t be aware of that. As far as the thief is concerned, you could be carrying something valuable; something worth stealing. When you are on the rush, it’s real easy to forget your cell phone or electronic gadget inside your vehicle while you go inside the store for five minutes. It doesn’t matter if you rush in for just a few minutes; that’s more than enough time for a seasoned criminal to break inside.

It is a prudent idea to always keep your doors locked. It is suggested that you park in bright and well-lit area, preferably public areas with people around. Keep the doors locked even when you are driving because it’s always possible for someone could jump in at a red light and attempt a carjacking. Don’t ever hide a set of spare keys in or under your car. Professional thieves will be able to find these rather quickly. If possible, park in a garage instead of along the street.

Some vehicles are more attractive for thieves to steal than others. Cadillac’s Escalade ranks at number one when it comes to the model that is most likely to be stolen and its easy to see why; the Escalade can be frequently seen in MTV videos and mentioned in popular top 40 songs. Thieves are generally drawn to exciting cars such as flashy SUV’s with nice rims or upscale autos such as Mercedes or Audi. Most thieves aren’t going to be too excited to steal a Corolla or a Kia. However, it’s not just luxury cars that are targeted. A lot of old Accord’s and Civics are also targeted because they are easy to break into (because they are older) and because their parts are worth quite a bit of money.

Some thieves steal cars by actually towing them away. You can avoid this by using the emergency brake when you park and turning your wheels to the side which will make it extremely difficult for your car to be towed away.

It’s probably not a good idea to keep your insurance and registration papers in the glove compartment unless it gets stolen. If you use a navigation system, it is suggested that you don’t enter in your real address as a starting point but instead use that of a business near your location.

Having your vehicle stolen can be a great nuisance and hopefully these tips will help to keep your car safe and protected. A car is an expensive investment and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Test Drive the All New CR-V, when the car Urban to play ground

With the look of a smooth and modern nuances, making all eyes turn when the All New Honda CR-V urban crossed his fate would have been Honda’s flagship SUV. But what if invited to play dirty-dirt ground?

All New Honda CR-V car is urban, but has specifications and dimensions, as well as many of its features that can be used when browsing non-asphalt track.

Features Grade Logic Control and Shift Hold Control

Both of these features have a function to set an efficient tooth movement, either at the ramp or slope, also assisted with Shift Hold Control, which minimizes the excessive gear changes via a winding road.

While trying to cross the street with ground level with little rise and fall, is at work, these two features was not felt. It’s just that, the effect is, cars do not need excessive accelerates uphill and the engine does not roar when road conditions decline.

With smart, understands the willingness riders such transmission adapted to the conditions and contours of the road facing. Thus, the All New CR-V free to climb and downhill, although on the track ground though.

Features Hill Start Assist

All New Honda CR-V is also equipped with Hill Start Assist feature that has a function that does not hold the car slid backwards when stopped on a hill. The system works by maintaining brake pressure, although the brake pedal is released. As a result, the car will not retreat before the gas pedal is pressed.

When trying to use one, this feature works well and is really easy rider, even though the driver was new, because it does not create a panic when it comes to a sudden stop on a hill.

When I was in the middle of the ramp, the car braked to a stop trying. Then, release the brake pedal. And sure enough, the car stopped and slid backwards, until then stepped back on the gas pedal and drove the car back up.

Features Motion Adaptive EPS & Vehicle Stability Assist

This feature serves to help the driver control the vehicle and detects the occurrence of symptoms of oversteer and understeer when in a corner or slippery road surfaces.

Well, coincidentally crossed surface slightly wet from rain washed. Slick? of course! Therefore, this is a good time to test the function of this feature.

Indeed, when crossing the surface of the soil is wet, the symptoms still felt the car slip, although not until the troublesome driver. Unfortunately, the steering wheel All New CR-V feels heavy, it could be due to the application of a rim diameter of 18 inches.

Engines 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC + DBW

About the performance, All New CR-V equipped with i-VTEC engine technology, with a capacity of 2.4L 4-cylinder, DOHC + DBW. This engine can generate power reaching 190 PS and 222 NM torque.

Thus, when it had to face a hilly road, it seems like there is no significant constraint. Car power is quite time should rise. Although to get instant power when you want to climb, gas pedal should kick-down, because if not, the new power was fully charged when the engine speed above 2000 RPM.

So, in conclusion, although presented as an urban car urban, All New CR-V not only have to be on the road you know, because Honda’s flagship SUV was not allergic to play with dirt. While it is, you must be willing to accept the risk thereafter, wash the car in order to re-greasy!

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Toyota Valvematic technology, efficient but Powerful

Stay tuned Toyota Nav-1  that will be present in the middle of this month, not to mention save a new engine technology in Indonesia, called Valvematic. In collaboration with Dual VVT-i, the system is made ​​more optimal engine performance and efficiency. Hence, although using the same basic engine, eg 3ZR-FE in the Corolla Altis, as a differentiator, which had been taking Valvematic wear 3ZR-FAE engine code.

The difference is, if the Dual VVT-i set the intake valve timing and exhaust openings. Valvematic will help to regulate how much optimization of valve opening, of course, adapted to the needs of the machine. Whereas in conventional engines, though the timing is set by VVT-i, while the size of the valve opening is fixed.

Therefore, these two technologies have to work together. Later, the valve opening timing will be governed by the Dual VVT-i, is governed by the size of the valve opening Valvematic. Then, if the valve to the throttle?

Later, this valve will only function as a silencer of the intake. So Valvematic tech machines will be more quiet. Just imagine, even if the throttle is opened, but since the machine only needs less fuel, fuel flow entering certainly set again by opening the valve. Nah no more fuel that goes in vain or excess.

How it works, for example when idling stationary or rotating machine, the valve opens only 1 mm. Unlike when the engine is spinning fast, the valve can be opened up to 11 mm. So, even though the machine is efficient and economical, but if the driver wants to excessive force, just stepped on the gas pedal deeper, any engine will respond more quickly.

As a result, fuel consumption can be more efficient because the incoming gas flow very accurately to the needs of the machine, plus the exhaust emissions will be much cleaner. So, not only the pursuit of efficient engines, engine output will remain powerful with faster response.

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Suzuki Mega Carry Extra Wider

Suzuki adds vehicle product line-up with the launch of Mega Carry trade Xtra. Pick-up carrier is designed to be more extensive than Mega Carry. Although capable of transporting goods is wider, Mega Carry Xtra adrift in price only Rp 6.1 million. If Mega Carry sold USD 93.8 million, the version increase is $ 99.9 million. Suzuki said this model to meet the domestic market only.

The difference with Mega Carry usual frills Xtra mean total length 250 mm longer overall to 4405, with more rear tub width 70 mm to 1750 mm, length 250 mm to 2,200 mm and width 85 mm to 1670 mm. “There is demand for commercial customers who want a larger bathtub. So we launched Mega Carry Xtra,

Mega Carry Xtra has many advantages that are not owned competitors. “Compared to its competitors, wider, higher ground clearance it, its larger wheels are 14 inches and higher air intake position in anticipation of flooding. Seeing the interest of consumers and the Mega Carry Carry the high demand, we are optimistic Mega Carry Xtra will also be successful,

unlike Mega Carry exported to 107 countries, the model Mega Carry Xtra will focus on the domestic market. “Currently demand for exports and the domestic market for Mega Carry extremely high, even should pivot around 2 months. We also believe the Mega and Mega Carry Carry Xtra will not happen cannibalism, or as for just a little, because their needs are different,

Although more large, Suzuki still entrust engine type G15A 4-cylinder capacity of 1493 cc, 16-valve MPI belonging to Mega Carry pinned on this new product. With 92.4 PS power at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 126 Nm at 3,000 rpm, Suzuki believes performance is sufficient. “If you had to develop a new engine of course the selling price will be higher. This machine has proven resilient.