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A Guide to Buying Cleaning Machines for Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is a profitable business. However, detailers must work hard to deliver the vehicles in a timely manner. Otherwise, customers who have once used the service may never come back.

One of the most important things in the success of this business lies in choosing the right cleaning products and machines. A good auto detailing company requires almost all the major types of cleaning machines: carpet cleaners, pressure washers, and even steam cleaners. This article provides some tips for purchasing each of these machines. It is also important to understand why the process of cleaning automobiles requires different types of cleaning machines.

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The process of cleaning vehicles involved the maintenance of many surfaces. The interior parts of the vehicle are relatively soft: for example, seat upholstery and car mats. The metal body and glasses of the automobile are hard, but brittle. The engine parts and other internal components are made of hard and sturdy materials.

What it means for the cleaning process is that one requires different types of cleaning machines. Carpet cleaners are required for grooming and shampooing car mats and seat upholstery. Pressure washers are required for eliminating grease from engine parts and body. Steam cleaners can be used for cleaning glass, dashboards, and other interior hard surfaces.


The following are some tips to purchase various types of cleaning machines for auto detailing.

Carpet Cleaners

The task of these machines is simple: cleaning the interior parts of the vehicles. It would be better to use carpet cleaners that provide heated output, as it reduced drying times while increasing cleaning power. The output temperature of the machine can reach up to 210°F.

Another thing to check is whether the machine makes use of low flow technology or not. Machines equipped with this technology ensure that the surfaces dry up quickly. A short drying time ensures that the car wash business prospers constantly due to the fast turn-around time. In fact, opt for machines with a 2-4 hour drying window for carpets and a 1 hour drying period for upholstery for the greatest turnaround.

It is also important to use green chemicals along with carpet cleaners. Artificial detergents leave toxic residues on the surfaces. For making the cleaning process quicker and more efficient, a car wash business should use carpet cleaners with special wands for car detailing.

Pressure Washers

Car pressure washers are used by mobile car wash companies for removing the dirt and stains from the vehicle’s exterior surfaces, like the painted body. One important thing to remember is that the machines should not have a pressure level that exceeds 1500 psi. A higher pressure level might cause damage to the vehicle surface.

Almost all mobile car wash companies prefer a pressure washer with a low flow rate. Ideally, flow rate should be as low as possible to prevent water wastage and flooding in certain areas, particularly important for mobile detailers who travel to their clients’ homes or places of work. Car pressure washers with a flow rate of less than 2 GPM are often ideal, but reputable suppliers offer machines with flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM.

Steam Cleaners

These machines can be used for both spot cleaning the carpets and removing dirt from certain hard surfaces. Well-known suppliers offer machines with over 36 parts and accessories. The high output temperature of these machines may become a problem for certain auto detailing applications. These car wash machines can reach up to 386°F to rapidly dissolve substances on hard surfaces, safe for use on windows and other interior hard surfaces of vehicles. However, some surfaces may not respond well to such high temperature levels. To avoid damage, first test an area before applying to the entire surface.

In addition, never use dry vapor steam cleaners to clean the exterior of an automobile. The dry steam requires constant wiping which can damage and scratch the paint of a vehicle. For exterior cleaning and washing, opt for a steam car wash pressure washer.

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A Few Words About Detailing

Automobile detailing

A clean automobile is a delight to watch because dirty and dusty cars take the spirit out of going anywhere. Moreover with people spending more time in their cars rather their homes, automobiles become an extended home. Therefore keeping it clean not just from the exterior but the interiors as well is what makes the difference. Auto detailing is the process of thorough cleaning of the automobile along with complete polishing and waxing. The process of detailing initiates cleaning thoroughly not only from the outside but from the inside too. This practice of auto detailing is done not only for personal satisfaction but can be used to prepare the automobile for car shows or to increase its value if resale is intended.

Professional detailers have the requisite knowledge and expertise to carry on the job of auto detailing. They take it as a work of “science and art”. The detailing on scientific grounds includes elements like equipments, chemicals, complete information and knowledge of the surface of vehicles, standards followed by the industry and most importantly the requirements of the customer. The artistic aspect of detailing includes the activities involved in the combination of the above mentioned elements into specific procedures that work according to each situation. Successful completion of the activities produces quality service and a satisfied customer and this is what professional auto detailer aim for.

As mentioned auto detailing is more than just washing and waxing and complete detailing comes by working both on the exterior as well as the interiors.

Exterior detailing:

The exterior detailing of an automobile involves cleaning the car thoroughly from the outside and bringing a shine to its paint, wheel, chrome trim, windows and the tires as well. There are many products that are used for the exterior detailing. These include detail clay, detergents, waxes, polishes and a host of other applicators. The first step towards exterior detailing involves washing the excess dirt and dust that has settled on the automobile. One must start with the wheels and the rims of the brake and then move upwards.


The process of exterior detailing involves cleaning, correcting the surface and protecting. Cleaning removes the foreign elements that settle on the surface by washing and detailing. The dirt and pollutants that settle on the clear coat of the surface of the automobile cannot be removed by normal washing. A clay bar can thus be used to remove this dirt. When still wet after the final rinse, a light spray of the quick liquid wax can be applied to the surface. The correcting process involves polishing the surface either by hand or by machine. Polishing pads specifically made for the purpose are useful for removing fine scratches produced by improper drying or washing techniques. Protecting is the last stage where protective material is applied to the surface to prevent foreign particles to adhere to its surface. This barrier is thus provided by sealants and waxes. Light buffing with the wax off towel is the best way to remove any water spots that might have stayed back. The painted surface thus gets a depth and there is nothing else but a great shine.

Before the entire process of exterior detailing is complete, it is good if the horizontal panels like the trunk, hood and the roof are clayed. Although the process takes just a few minutes extra, its impact is much more, as the smoothness that it leaves would have the customer delighted.

Interior Detailing:

The second part of detailing involves interior detailing where the interiors of the automobile are cleaned thoroughly to bring it as close to the original condition as possible. This is done by vacuuming the car first or steam cleaning. This might be done by removing the car seats. Stains on the covers and upholstery also have to be removed. Various products like rug shampoos, upholstery foam or spot cleaners can be used depending on the vehicle’s interior conditions. Most of the dust stains and dirt are removed by interior detailing. Except the physical damage all stains are removed by the process.

The next area to be cleaned is the windows of the automobile. After thorough cleaning with the cleaners, the windows must be sprayed with a rain repellent that does not let the rain water stay on the window but makes it slip.

The areas such as the door panel rim, the dashboard and the console are of vinyl and therefore needed to be cleaned first. Conditioners are then used to treat the vinyl to make it pliable. Scratches from the speedometer face are removed and polished to make it shine. It is essential to remember that the foot pedals and the steering wheel covers must not be conditioned as this would make them slip.

The heater and air conditioner vents are also included when interior detailing is carried on. They are generally cleaned by the usage of Q-tips. The dust and dirt that collects in the console seams are also removed using the same technique. The glass is thoroughly cleaned off any scratches or films both from the exterior as well as the interior to provide a clear vision.

Engine bay cleaning:

Professional detailers provide another form of automobile detailing in the form of engine detailing. This involves cleaning the engine and its various parts thoroughly by steam, degreasers, high pressure water and other cleaners. However when cleaning the engine it is essential that the electrical or computer modules are kept away from water. Therefore it is best to clean the engine with a towel. Also the engine must be cleaned before washing the automobile as any dust or grease from the area that might settle outside can be later cleaned during exterior detailing.

Here it is important to note that the process of detailing does not include any body work, upholstery repairs or mechanical repairs. It is thus the process of cleaning the automobile thoroughly to give it a presentable look and enhance its longevity.

Car detailing can either be carried out by oneself by making use of detailing kits or can be done by professional detailing companies. However as auto detailing is time consuming it is expensive when compared to normal washing and cleaning the vehicle. But as this is a good way to bring the automobile close to its original condition, it is worth the effort and the cost.

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Engine hard life

Questions such as the title above often arises when motorists attempt to tamper with the car having trouble starter. Machines did not react when the ignition is turned ‘ON’. After in-check, battery (batteries) fine. Relations and conditions of battery terminals are also good. Starter motor was not problematic. When all components are perfectly normal, do not forget to check the wiring to the starter system. Could be, the device that conduct electricity is already fragile. The cable will have a fragile different resistance values​​. The next result, the power to the starter motor is inhibited. Automatically, the starter motor does not react when the ignition is turned upside down many times. Fragility is very possible considering the wiring is in the engine room which is often hot. Therefore, the case of fragile wires are common on vehicles 5 years old and above.

Motorists usually solve this problem by replacing the cables on the starter system. Of course, with this replacement engine trouble a starter problem can be resolved. If it is proved that the core problem is in the wiring system of the starter, the engine would be easy to live when the ignition is turned ‘ON’. Is this the only way? Not really. Actually, there is a more practical and cheaper. That is, by adding a relay to the starter system circuit. How: Prepare wiring and relays. Remove the starter motor terminal 50 and connect to Terminal 85 relay. Connect Terminal 86 relay to the masses. Connect Terminal 30 relay with (+) battery. Connect Terminal 87 to Terminal 50 relay starter motor. Technically, an additional relay is able to overcome the hard-starter because of: an electric current that flows will be much greater. The electrical current out of the battery directly to the magnetic clutch. Due to a large current, the magnetic field generated by a magnetic clutch greater. A large magnetic field that allows the motor starter reacts.

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All About Hyundai i20, Understand Transmission Problem

Transmission i20 is actually fairly rare problem, either automatic or manual variant. More to the routine maintenance that should not be missed. It’s easy really, just stay peek through the transmission oil dipstick near the air filter. Now living alone how to check that no mistake.

If you just want to check the quality of the oil, pull the dipstick can stay when the engine died. However, if you want to check the amount of oil, the engine should and should the car after driving a while. When the machine is alive, place the transmission lever in position N, only then lift the dipstick to see if it still meets the oil capacity.

Standard treatments i20 automatic transmission in the range of 45 thousand kilometers. For the oil change procedure cost Rp 360 thousand and get 5 liters of oil. “But it would be better if at the same time flushing oil will spend about 12 liters of oil,” explained Smith again. Because the automatic performance will be maintained for the long term.

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More Questions Before You Start a Mobile Oil Change Business

Whenever you start a new business, it makes sense to ask those who have been intimately involved in the industry as many questions as possible. This is a case study of one entrepreneur who did just that, he was starting a Mobile Oil Change Business. Here below are a few of the questions he asked and perhaps these questions might help you as well:

What is an average revenue for a Mobile Oil Change business?

This is hard to guestimate, most Mobile Oil Change Businesses actually lose money. Most of this is due to a misunderstanding of the industry subsector and improper market mix. You really need to be 80% in fleet business, parked in a row, with similar wiper blades, oil, filters, etc. cuts down on inventory, time per unit and travel, remember $5.15 per gallon plus traffic and labor being paid while in traffic. Efficiency is the key, read Six Sigma, and Fredrick Winslow Taylor for me.

How long does it take for this type of business to profit?

Sometimes never, which is the norm. Sales are a big issue, and cash flow is the question you should be asking, because yes, you can make a profit on each job, but become bank of Rav and go out of business anyway. Capitalization of course, being the biggest heartbreak for the small business man.

What’s the cost to start this business?

Depends on your equipment configuration, new or used equipment and how you go after the initial marketing. Let’s guestimate $10,000 for a trailer unit that you put together yourself. $40,000 for equipment and a used van; $65,000 for a van + equipment new? $10,000 marketing and $25,000 float. Guestimates.

What type of customer base is this idea going after?

Ideally only fleets, but even Valvoline in KY stopped their pilot program with 300 accounts after 6-months. Partly due to cannibalizing fixed sites using their brands but also due to shortages of auto mechanics, I think it is up to 170,000 now. So you might want to read up on that.

What about insurance? What type of insurance do we need?

1-3 million aggregate. I do not know what you assets are so I cannot advise this, but most businesses will want 1 million liability, and you are in the Care, Custody and Control so you need garage keepers liability insurance too. Airports will need 5 million so will some government agencies.

Is it illegal to do an oil change on the street?

Yes, most cities have ordinances; No Car Maintenance or repair on the streets and really you shouldn’t do it on the street anyway.

Where do you do oil changes? In residential areas?

You will not catch us doing that. Consumers are ruthless, spoiled and demand “pizza delivery” type service, you cannot afford to fight traffic to do that, even with all the GPS-Google-God-Mapping-Software.

Does this business require a lot of resources? Or do can I do this alone?

Depends, I suppose you could run a one-man operation, it would be safer, but work flow would be slow and inefficient. You could probably make money, but doubt you would be pulling in the average income level of a middle class suburb.

If you are going to start your own business you may as well go ahead and make a list of questions now and you will be glad you did. Think on this.

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Be Careful Not To Over Tighten Your Lug Nuts!

A common site in your neighborhood auto garage is a mechanic tightening up the lug nuts on your car with an impact wrench. You hear the common screech of the impact wrench as it makes quick work of the lug nuts. You also probably rarely see that same mechanic actually use a torque wrench. Impact wrenches are great tools but they can and will over tighten the lug nuts on your car. At first that doesn’t sound like a bad thing. Tight is good, right? Not necessarily.

Most manufacturers recommend using a torque wrench when tightening lug nuts. They will specify a certain ft/lb to dial in on the torque wrench. This insures the nuts are tightened properly. Over tightening can damage the studs and possibly lead to a failure in the future. Here is what happens. When the nuts are tightened, the studs will stretch. This tension holds the wheels on to the rim. If you over tighten the studs you can damage them and they could fail.

The best approach is to use your impact wrench to snug up the nuts. Then go back with a torque wrench and tighten to the manufacturer specifications. Next time you are having your tires rotated or changed, make sure the mechanic uses a torque wrench and the correct torque. Having the proper tools makes all the difference and will extend the life of your car.

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How to Achieve a Stress-Free Car Rental – 5 Keys to Success

The average car rental is a process that should be given more than last minute attention during travel. Unfortunately, many families (and business travelers) fail to do a few small things in advance that could lead to a more stress-free car rental travel experience. As any frequent traveler knows, getting the car rental right at the beginning of the trip can certainly result in a much more enjoyable trip for all concerned at the end. Below are 5 keys to a successful car rental that every traveler should make note of:

1. Do a little homework. As with any wise buying decision, even a little preparation can save dollars. For example, the wise and experienced traveler will make sure their own automobile insurance is up to date and sufficient for their planned car rental needs. It is widely accepted that travelers need not take the rental company insurance offered if their own coverage can protect them adequately. The only exception to this might be: lack of insurance because the renter does not have a personal car. In this case, the higher-priced rental company insurance is better than none at all.

2. Understand your rental agreement. Wise car rental customers will make absolutely sure they understand the terms and requirements of any car or vehicle rental agreement. This is a major part of preparation for travel and car rental, and should not be something that is studied only when a problem arises. Some details that should always be confirmed include: 1) How many miles are allowed per day (experienced rental customers agree that unlimited mileage is best for most travelers), and 2) Is the customer required to refill the gasoline tank when the car is returned? Rental companies generally offer a fuel option that allows the customer to pay up front for a tank of gasoline. This means that the driver can return the car without filling the tank. In most cases it is best to buy gasoline when needed, filling the tank just before returning the car.

3. Know what you are renting. While many travelers will actually consider insurance, mileage and gasoline when renting a car, most will not take the time to look at the car’s physical condition to check for dents, scratches and other appearance problems. Feedback from customers and customer complaints indicate that car rental companies will sometimes try to blame these problems on the current renter. To avoid this difficulty, wise car rental customers will point out any problems prior to taking the car, making sure that the company representative notes scratches, dents and upholstery problems, in writing. Tip: Experienced renters use their digital cameras to document any problems before driving away.

4. Look for value but pay for happiness. The car rental industry has grown quickly and now includes dozens of choices. This level of competition has led to reduced prices, even from some of the top-name companies. Of course, the best deal for the lowest price is everyone’s goal. However, experience in the field of car rentals has taught many people that the lowest price is not always the key to happiness. (It’s always a good idea to pay particular attention to the “howevers.”) As the choices expand, customers are tempted to choose lesser-known companies to save money. Many of these occasional renters assume that state and federal laws will protect them from any major problems. While it is generally true that the “name-brand” corporations and many smaller companies will provide a quality, worry-free experience, problems can arise with some of the smaller start-up businesses. The wise renter will be sure to clear up any doubts about terms and car conditions, especially with smaller fleet businesses. The pressure of creating and growing a business may lead some to cut corners. In the end, the customer may have to pay for that pressure.


5. Stress the small details. There are a number of items in the small print of rental agreements that can add to or subtract from the overall cost you finally end up paying. Two that should be understood fully at the start are: 1) Return requirements – Is the original renter required to bring the car back to the same location? There may be a charge for returning the vehicle to another site. 2) Will there be an extra charge if the driver is under a particular age. Companies may include a surcharge if the driver is under 25, for example. These are the most popular and can mean hidden charges at the end of your trip you weren’t counting on. Make sure you read the small print and ask questions before driving that rental car of the lot.

Vacations can be hectic enough without adding the stresses of a bad car rental into the equation. The mistakes that the average traveler makes when renting a car vary from a lack of planning before the trip begins, to doing small things during the rental process that end up costing him or her more money in the end. Wise travelers can avoid these mistakes by following the five tips outlined above to achieve a successful stress-free car rental.

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I Want to Open a Detail Shop

Are you a car lover? If you are a car lover and are considering a business of your own, perhaps you might consider starting an automobile detailing shop. Generally there are two types of customers who will want to use your service. There is the retail detail customer and the wholesale auto detail customer.

Both of these two types of customers can be lucrative if you’re careful which services you offer and how you go about marketing your company. The retail detail customer would be the private car owner who loves their car sometimes more than their own children. Much of their love of the American automobile is tradition and some is ego driven. Neither of which should matter to you as you were should be more concerned about making money.

If your auto detail shop has a great reputation around town and plenty of referrals you may find yourself able to charge upwards of $180 to detail and SUV or $135 for a regular car. The wholesale auto detail customer would be a car lot, which has used cars that are traded in and need to be brought up to show room condition. Some auto dealers will go to the auctions in order to put used cars on their lots. Many used car lots will also go to the auto auctions and they will want those cars detailed so they can put pristine automobiles in their showroom and on their lot.

Additionally new car dealerships often have customization requests from customers such as pin-striping, special sealant protectors and custom graphics. All of these aftermarket auto accessory type services can provide your shop with more profits. An auto detailing shop is a very labor-intensive business and you’ll have to watch management issues, but it can be lucrative business if you are careful with the market mix, the services you offer and the quality of the services you perform. Consider all this in 2006 and good luck.

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Definition of Terms and Concepts in Mechanical Engineering Automotive

For those who are studying automotive engineering course often find some unfamiliar terms our ears. Below, I will share some of the terms commonly used in the world of mechanical engineering / automotive.

Bleeding Definition: Discharging air in the fuel system.
Understanding Dry type: dry type. One type of cylinder liner.
Damper Definition: Retention.
Definition Feed pump: The pump prime. Ie inline injection pump at the pump is used to suck the air fuel and eliminate the fake on the fuel system.
Governor Definition: The component that serves to automatically control the fuel delivery according to engine load.
Understanding Oil movie: The film is formed by oil.
Understanding Over size: Magnification sizes. Generally on cylindrical objects.
Understanding Priming pump: The pump prime. Ie pump the distributor injection pump is used to suck the air fuel and eliminate the fake on the fuel system.
Understanding Separator: Bulkhead (the fuel tank) that keep the fuel level remains stable.
Definition Thermostat: A component that regulates the flow of cooling water. Work will get hot if the thermostat itself membukua saluranpada.
Definition Under size: Shrinking size. Downsizing is on the crankshaft.

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Removing Secret Sauce and Catsup from Your Car Interior – Expert Detailing Advice

Cleaning stains from the inside of your car is no easy job. Here are a few Auto Detailing and Onsite Detailing Tips and Secrets of the Trade.

Knowing how to remove stains like Catsup, Mustard and Secret Sauce from Ultimate Cheese Burgers, Whoppers, Big Macs, Famous Stars, Double Doubles and Classic Cheese Burgers is not as simple as it might seem.

First go lose some weight by exercise and the Presidential 30 minutes a day workout. Now you are ready to jump in a car wash or detailing unit and go to hell week.

If you have ever seen the commercials for the SIX DOLLAR Burger or the Super Star where the actress dumps all kinds of stains on her blouse you know this can happen and often does.

As a detailer it is your job to clean it up, make it look new and clean it up perfect for the customer. The first thing you do is take some Folex Spot remover and a terry cloth towel and see if that works, if not use some spray and wash aerosol foam spray and wipe it. If it is leather saddle soap or Lexol works well.


If this does not work try concentrated dove or palm olive dishwashing soap and then mineral spirits and soak it up and wipe it. It may take several wipes to get rid of the concentrated dishwashing soap.

After you are sure the suds are gone put you high powered shop vac hose on the blower side and air dry it, roll down the windows and let it air dry.