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Check List of Mobile Auto Detailing Equipment

Mobile auto detailing calls for special tools and machinery. While fixed location auto detailing businesses are not limited by space, fuel and water restrictions, or client location conditions, the same does not hold true for mobile auto detailing businesses. They are required to travel to the client site, usually a parking lot at their home or business.

In this way, they clean the maximum number of vehicles in as little time as possible, without access to water, in many cases. This is why auto detailing tools such as car specific pressure washers and low flow carpet cleaners, as well as water efficient steam cleaners, are so much in demand today.

Pressure Washers
Most auto detailing businesses face some restriction on water use, either by legislation or due to lack of water resources in the area. Increased customer awareness also means that people prefer “green” businesses that conserve water. Therefore, they do not like to use car washes perceived to be wasting too much precious water on washing cars, trucks, and RVs. To minimize water use, many auto detailing businesses use pressure washers specifically designed for the car wash industry.

These machines are very water efficient, with flow rates of 0.5 GPM, in comparison to the 3 or 5 GPM machines used in other industries. These pressure washers have pressure levels no higher than 1500 psi, safe and effective for cleaning vehicles. Their high temperature (250°F) removes grease, engine oil, burned petrochemicals, plant sap, and other dirt from the car surface. These machines are used by fixed location and mobile car wash businesses.

You could always use a machine with regular flow rates if water consumption is not an issue. These machines should have pressure levels up to 1500 psi and they generate steam as hot as 330°F. These machines can be either mobile or stationary.


Needless to say, mobile car wash equipment is used by mobile auto detailing firms, while fixed location businesses can use either stationary or portable pressure washers. If electricity supply is a problem, use a gasoline or diesel run machine, which can be used outdoors for washing cars.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
The interior of cars can be overlooked by inexperienced detailers. But, that isn’t the case with professionals utilizing low-flow carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.

Low flow machines offer tremendous benefits over standard carpet shampooers in that car carpets and seats dry in only a few hours, without compromising on cleaning power. Traditional, high flow equipment requires 24 hours or more in the limited airflow environment of automobiles. This presents a problem to mobile detailers who must return the vehicle to clients in only a matter of hours.

Portable Steam Cleaners
Portable steam cleaners are also used for cleaning car interiors. These machines have very high temperatures of up to 386°F and they generate dry vapor. They do not have the high pressure levels that pressure washers do, but such mobile car wash equipment is ideal for cleaning dashboards, windows, under seats, doors, and spot cleaning rugs and seats without excess moisture.

Many portable steam cleaners have germ destroying mechanisms, which remove more than 99 percent of germs from the surface. Some machines are equipped with HEPA filters that trap microscopic pollen, dust, dander particles, and help sanitize and deodorize car interiors and remove harmful allergy causing substances from such surfaces.

If you are looking for the best car wash machines for both fixed location and mobile car wash equipment, find a dealer that offers value for money. These machines must be durable and more importantly, they should carry suitable warranties.

All pressure washers should carry at least a one year warranty and steam cleaners should have a lifetime warranty on the boiler. There are plenty of brands being sold as car wash equipment but few fit the bill if you are looking for quality, reliability, power, and value; so look around carefully and choose wisely.