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Engine hard life

Questions such as the title above often arises when motorists attempt to tamper with the car having trouble starter. Machines did not react when the ignition is turned ‘ON’. After in-check, battery (batteries) fine. Relations and conditions of battery terminals are also good. Starter motor was not problematic. When all components are perfectly normal, do not forget to check the wiring to the starter system. Could be, the device that conduct electricity is already fragile. The cable will have a fragile different resistance values​​. The next result, the power to the starter motor is inhibited. Automatically, the starter motor does not react when the ignition is turned upside down many times. Fragility is very possible considering the wiring is in the engine room which is often hot. Therefore, the case of fragile wires are common on vehicles 5 years old and above.

Motorists usually solve this problem by replacing the cables on the starter system. Of course, with this replacement engine trouble a starter problem can be resolved. If it is proved that the core problem is in the wiring system of the starter, the engine would be easy to live when the ignition is turned ‘ON’. Is this the only way? Not really. Actually, there is a more practical and cheaper. That is, by adding a relay to the starter system circuit. How: Prepare wiring and relays. Remove the starter motor terminal 50 and connect to Terminal 85 relay. Connect Terminal 86 relay to the masses. Connect Terminal 30 relay with (+) battery. Connect Terminal 87 to Terminal 50 relay starter motor. Technically, an additional relay is able to overcome the hard-starter because of: an electric current that flows will be much greater. The electrical current out of the battery directly to the magnetic clutch. Due to a large current, the magnetic field generated by a magnetic clutch greater. A large magnetic field that allows the motor starter reacts.