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Fastest Electric Car Record Broken

After working for a long time, the British billionaire finally managed to break the record in the world’s fastest electric car. Shot up to 239.3 km / h, a record was broken.

Unlike other record-breaking attempt the sound of the deafening roar of engines, breaking the speed record for an electric car was silent.

This record was created by wealthy British businessman called Dale Vince. Formerly since 2010 ago, Vince has tried to continue to create a fast electric car electric car finally born named Nemesis. The Fund was willing disbursed.

The goal, Vince wanted to break the speed record for an electric car that is 223.6 miles per hour that had been held by Don Wales of Bluebird Electric since 10 years ago.

But for breaking his record, Nemesis was not ridden by Vince but the young driver named Nick Ponting on a runway near York, England.

Early automobile manufacturing is done in addition to breaking the record Vince is breaking the supposition that an electric car is a car that slow. Initially, Vince built Nemesis of former Lotus Exige bought on eBay.

After that, nearly 1 million pounds he spends Rp 15.4 billion to make electric cars so the car for 2 years workmanship.

“We built a Nemesis to destroy the stereotype of electric cars as something to be slow, boring, not cool,” Vince said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Vince went on to say that the electric power used by this car is obtained from the application of wind turbines in the car.

With various improvements were made, according to Vince Nemesis on paper could run into figures of 160 km / h in just 8.5 seconds and can actually be driven up to 321 km / h.

The battery is capable of carrying the car picked up Nemesis roam 160-241 km before recharging in just 30 minutes.

While Ponting said that Nemesis is very enjoyable because inconsistent at all speeds.