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Garage Owners Need Garage Insurance!

Motorists needing to have their vehicle serviced rely on taking them to a reliable garage to conduct the proper checks to ensure that it is still roadworthy.

For those of you that run establishments such as this you will be more than aware of the vital role that you play in car ownership and with this in mind you need to be thinking about whether you have the right motor trade insurance policy in place.

With the large amount of vehicles that will pass through your premises you need to ensure that you have the right type of package available and by researching your specific needs and what different insurers offer will have a great bearing on picking out the right product.

A broker will help you deduce what aspect of your operations need covering but you also need to remember that having an insurance policy in place is a requirement by law. You don’t need to rush into a decision and just take out any old form of protection plan, ask yourself what do I require to suit my business?

Due to the fact that you will be handling various customer vehicles you want to be protected and one thing you don’t want to happen is for the car, van or truck to be damaged while in your possession.

With this in mind you should look to take out a comprehensive road risk motor traders insurance package. This will cover you in the event that the vehicle is accidentally damaged by a third party, fire or even stolen. By having this in place it will give you great peace of mind should the worst happen.

The next thing you need to think about is your actual place of business. You should determine whether or not you will be allowing the general public into this space because this will once again require a specific type of insurance. Liability motor trade insurance is key if you are planning on letting people into your building while work is being carried out and it will safeguard any staff you decide to employ.

When choosing this cover there are three types of protection which come under this umbrella of insurance, these include: product, sales and service indemnity which also takes into consideration defective workmanship, public liability and employers’ liability. Once again, by having this in place will help to put your mind at ease and allow you to carry out your work without any form of worry lingering over your head.

If you want to go all out and get a complete insurance deal that will cover you in the event of petty much anything then you could look to get a combined motor trade package which can take into account every part of your business.

Having the right type of garage insurance cover in place is key for any company working within the automotive industry so make sure you are fully protected and look to purchase a package as soon as possible.

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