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Honda Accord Hybrid Medium Prepare to Indonesia

Despite the small sedan market in Indonesia seems not dampen PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) to continue to launch new products. HPM reportedly preparing to launch Accord hybrid in the country.

Marketing & After Sales Service Director HPM Jonfis Fandy said that the plan to be considered, and that direction is currently in preparation resistant.

“Accord hybrid we are preparing,” said Jonfis briefly in a special interview with the media on the sidelines of the launch event in Jakarta Accord.

Unfortunately Jonfis still reluctant to reveal deeper information. He just said it was in preparation and waiting time. “Just wait. We prepared first,”

Meanwhile, on Earth Dream Technology Jonfis also said that the future not only 9th generation Accord is holding the technology but a new Honda cars to be launched in Indonesia also will carry the technology.

“Not only is this Accord alone but later we will apply in some other models that will go to Indonesia. Wait and see,” he concluded.