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Honda City Gas-Fired RI Ready to Go?

Honda City CNG version already present in Thailand and India and some other developing countries. Reportedly Honda City car fuel gas version it will enter Indonesia.

The presence of the car is certainly greatly help to reduce the use of fossil fuels during this troublesome Indonesian government.

The news comes from the Ministry of Industry, where PT Honda Prospect Motor middle register Honda City V CNG automatic transmission. Toyota Vios car competitors but CNG version is now in the stage of the process.

Honda City CNG still using engine 1500 cc SOHC, i-VTEC gasoline engine or equal to. This machine exertion 118 Ps and 146 Nm of torque.

Honda City gas fuel is equipped with an Electronic Safety Control Box with a steel pipe so that the device stays safe in the vehicle.

The presence of the Honda City V CNG certainly brings a fresh breeze. But a plus as compared to alternative fuels and hybrid electric car program will not be able to evolve such as availability of fuel depots.