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Japan Finally Got Hydrogen Station

For the first time, Japan finally has a hydrogen filling station. Only 3 minutes the time required for charging hydrogen into the car.

Establishment of this station makes hydrogen cars became apparent.

Because the test is, Japanese people will get in hydrogen fuel free. But unfortunately the selling price of hydrogen fuel in Japan does not yet have a definite selling price.

“The first thing I emphasize is, all the confusion regarding the price and the cost. If we talk about the cost of production, then we talk about how much it costs to produce hydrogen, send it and set up facilities.
Hirose added if a station is established, all is usually accumulated, could have to fill in the hydrogen car takes tens of thousands of yen. “For the first time it will cost up to tens of thousands of yen,” said Hirose.

With the birth of hydrogen filling stations in Japan, Hirose hoping to give BB choice <not only environmentally friendly hybrid technology.

“At what price people would be willing to pay? Most people might think ‘It’s okay for me, as long as the fuel consumption with hybrid cars’,