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Price negotiation tricks

Driving a hard bargain isn’t just about knocking down the price – it’s about making your money go further. It can also mean getting valuable optional extras thrown in for free, or upgrading to a higher trim level.

Haggling might not come naturally to all of us, but try to remain focused on your needs.

Dealers will be ready for you to negotiate – and will even start the discussion on price, if they think you are a serious buyer.

You’ll need the facts at your finger tips! The more information you have at your disposal the better, so it’s worth writing down everything you need to know before talking to a sales manager.
Check out the manufacturer’s website

Before you head for the showroom, it’s worth seeing if there’s anything in the manufacturers official online ‘offers’ section that applies to the car you are interested in buying.
If you’re planning on trading in your current car, then check its market value beforehand by looking at the prices of similar models for sale. Push the dealer into sticking as close to that price as possible. Ask if you can make up the difference with optional extras.
Be as open as possible, and answer the dealer’s questions in full. If you don’t tell them exactly what you want, you can’t expect them to be able to help you fully.

Paying in cash, or need a loan?

Finance deals are a great way to spread the cost of buying a car, but check the interest rates against loans from a high street bank to ensure you are being offered a competitive rate.
If you choose a Hire Purchase (HP) loan that includes an agreed buyback value, it’s possible that there will be restrictions on your new car’s use – like a set annual mileage. Make sure these are limits you can live with, as the penalties for going over can be quite high.
Even if you’re sure that this is the right car for you, be brave and talk up cheaper rivals while discussing the price. If the salesman thinks you might be put off by the higher cost, then he’s more likely to try and sweeten the deal to convince you – throwing in everything from metallic paint to a full tank of fuel.

Timing counts

The sales staff are likely to have targets to hit, so timing is a key factor in getting a good deal. Going in at the end of the month – when they’re close to their targets – can be a great way to get a bigger discount then normal.
The same applies logic applies in March and September, as this is when the registration plates change, and dealers will be keen to shift existing stock.