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Remind Honda Dealers ‘Naughty’

To achieve more profits, no naughty dealership. They deliberately withhold sales of some cars. And while there are consumers really want a car, the dealership was immediately catapulted the car selling price.

Of course it is tarnished Honda in providing the best service to consumers. Honda also reminded that the entrepreneurs and dealers really meet the needs of consumers
“I think there are some dealers who use this occasion, the dealer usually is held by traders or businessmen. So if there are 10 units of vehicles 2 units prices raised, so the problem is that consumers want.
Agent Brand Holder that the function is determining the price. Therefore, for the dealers do not try to cheat.

for consumers who have already ordered they should have gotten loot. And if consumers do not get under the agreement, it can be directly discussed with dealer or can contact the camp.

“More importantly, when consumers had ordered it to be given on time.