Auto Insurance

Save on insurance

Insuring your car is a major expense, but with our shrewd and simple advice you can save money by securing yourself cheaper annual premiums.

Make sure that the quality of the cover you are getting matches your needs. Different insurers have different terms and conditions, so it is vital to check the small print of any deal.

Top 10 car insurance tips
1  Shop around. Be prepared to spend time researching the best deals.
2  Call insurers directly once you’ve made up your mind on a particular product. It gives you an extra chance to ask questions (below), and do some final haggling!
3  Ask lots of questions. Will courtesy cars be made available? Are there hidden excess charges? Does this insurance cover me fully?
4  Get qualified. If you are a younger driver, taking approved advanced driving courses like ‘Pass Plus’ can be a great way to secure a discount.
5 Some insurers will also offer packages that will discount insurance rates if the driver agrees to certain conditions, like not driving at night.
6  Discuss your driving experience with your insurer. You may qualify as a low risk.
7  Check a car’s insurance credentials before you buy. Similar models can attract very different costs when it comes to insurance.
8 If your family owns more than one car, tell the insurance firm. Some companies will offer discounts for insuring more than one car with them.
9 Pay upfront. Some Insurers will add in extra administration costs for splitting the cost of your bill.
10  If you choose to spread payments over the year you could end up paying more than you need to.