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Suzuki APV Fixed Interest

Success Suzuki APV long slide since 2004 that has several times experienced development, are still much in demand. Suzuki APV is one of Suzuki products that consumers desire as a family vehicle.

Suzuki APV spelled success is not comparable with Suzuki Ertiga being “famous” now. But Suzuki APV is still a role model for some consumers who want a family car, hence APV has a more spacious cabin.

Beginning the first time Suzuki APV gliding homeland, a huge consumer interest to have this Suzuki APV mainstay. Suzuki APV could permeate APV car market at that time was fierce. The success of this Suzuki APV still continues, less than a year later, on 19 April 2005, APV successfully entered the international market, the type of APV Van, Commercial Van, Panel Van and Pick Up.