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This He Twins Toyota Prius

Prefecture – Following the deadly duo Avanza-Xenia, cooperation between Toyota and Daihatsu to make a twin car re-done. This time, the world’s most popular hybrid car, the Toyota Prius will be taken Daihatsu. Be Daihatsu Mebius.

Daihatsu Mebius it is basically a Toyota Prius V is given Daihatsu emblem. Besides affairs emblem earlier, the differences were very minor.

The heart of this car is still filled by the 1.8-liter engine with four-cylinder mated to an electric motor to make this car has 136 horsepower

And just as Xenia that offers ample space, Daihatsu Mebius was also having ample cargo space. By simply carrying five seats, the Japanese car is capable of displaying up to 535 liters of storage space. And when the rear seats are folded the cargo capacity will increase to 1,070 liters.

However, this car will only be intended for the Japanese market first. Its price starts from 2,350,000 yen to 2,800,000 or approximately USD 228.5 million to USD 272.3 million.