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Well, VW Combi Clear Successor Produced

Your Company Volkswagen fans would have been disappointed. Because German car manufacturers have decided to cancel the planned production of the VW Kombi successor who previously appeared in a concept called Bulli Microbus.

Originally broadcasted news that six-seater MPV that has been judged worthy by VW to be produced in different countries.

But now, VW’s head of R & D Ulrich Hackenberg denied the possibility. Hackenberg who is also the person who shows VW Bulli at the Geneva Auto Show last year said that the debut Bulli canceled.

Because, Hackenberg assume that it is the business did not see the great potential of Bulli when this car was born.

European and American markets are the backbone of this type of car is not considered too showed a lot of interest.

In fact, the concept version, this car has been able to attract a lot of attention. Unlike its predecessor, the legendary van, using the electric motor as a power booster.

Microbus (the term Kombi in the U.S.) or VW Bulli (the name in Germany) will be powered by a lithium-ion battery capacity of 40 kWh and an electric motor that has a power of 85 kW and torque of 199 lb-ft.

Vehicle concept from Germany, also has six seats and have technology that is different from vehicle-vehicle today.

Entertainment system is controlled by an iPad. Color of the car consists of 2 colors namely red and white and there is a V logo on the bonnet.